Monday, November 30, 2009

a wedding of emotions

"my daughter is coming to your house, please take...." aunty's teary voice was interrupted by trayee's (my best friend forever, my soulmate)
buaji- 'dont say my daughter...say your daughter in law...". aunty looked up with moist eyes and put down the phone....trayee's status changed overnight from being a daughter to a daughter-in-law and it seems now she has to be called as your daughter-in-law than my daughter even by her own parents. i believe its not the case of just trayee. its with every woman on this earth!

i overheard the conversations and basant, trayee's ever lasting love and now husband, repeated the same lines and said that aunty has been crying and its becoming difficult to console her. while i am considered to be too good at consoling and counselling people at difficulties, i thought it is not appropriate to console a mother while her daughter is leaving for her in law's place. i went inside..and aunty saw me and held out her hands and said, "moonu (trayee's nickname) yeh karo...moonu woh karo...moonu bhaat khecho? moonu sojao...moonu moonu moonu...moine kabhi bhi moonu ko chorke nahi raha..ab dorr logta hai..moonu waha kaise reh payegi..bachchi hai". my eyes were moist, there was a lump in my throat and i realised - i was moved.

i attended many weddings. my cousins, my friends, relatives...many of them got married. but trayee's wedding is something different. it taught me how an institution called marriage is formed and how relationships change overnight! how a mother feels when her daughter leaves! how a father manages the whole wedding gala without a trace of tear! how relatives, though we dont see them for ages, turn out during our wedding and support us. how our in-laws, whether they like the wedding or not, try to maintain a compose and let the marriage materialise.

while parents are happy and elated that their kids are getting married, the change in the marital status equally bothers them.
happiness of getting married
excitement about the new status
frustration with the over work
irritation with the last minute errands
sadness of leaving our loved ones
anger of some unwanted happenings
a wedding has all the colours and emotions attached to it! a wedding of emotions should be seen not just as an occasion to flaunt jewellery, saris, cuisines and money. i see it as solemnising different relationships and networking of love and affection.
a wedding of emotions it is :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

unanswered questions

there are zillions of questions in my mind! there are millions of doubts which need to be clarified...they bother me..the thoughts smother me!
and am left with unanswered and unsolved theories ......

1) society? what is it? do we live for it or do we form it? are we just part of it?
when a woman is beaten by her husband...society doesnt may just create a hype for few hours or days and the story is back to normal...
when a man is struggling for job and having problems running in his family...society never helps him! he has to struggle and fight for his own existence and at the end...he is the winner or loser and the surroundings do play no role!

2) when i say that i want to adopt a baby and find another reason for my asked not i cant be accepted! my question is accepted by whom? people around me? those who never bother when i need a shoulder? those who have no clue about how i am living or struggled for my life? relatives, who don't even know my age and what i need in life? who are just interested in whom i have an affair with or how much property am i actually saving?

3) why cant we choose and live with a partner (if at all essential) on our own and go for it? why do we need to go for tailor made- horoscope matched persons and live with obligation! why cant marriage come after we live-know-understand each other and see how it is like rather than breaking a marriage? why are we always stopped from doing so saying that "you are not in US and it doesnt go well here" kind of statements?

4) why dont we have the choice to say yes to what we like and no to what we dont! why do we need to throw a fake smile and get upset in life?

5) why cant we create our own paths in whatever we like than actually settling for those dusted paths created by unknown travellers?

6) why dont people understand that there are still good people existing in this world and all are not buggers who just mess around with anyone they come across...

7) why cant we have individual choices and live with humanity than getting involved in others life for no use?

these are just some of many.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

love ke baare mein!

when every tom, dick, harry, rita, meeta and ....can speak about love...why cant I? so I am giving it a try...whats love?

1) for me there is nothing called true love or false love..there is only love...

2) i love many people in this world...but i am not in love with any

3) i love many things see..sort of non-living love

4) i believe once i am in love.....i will never leave him till my death..but to fall in love is a big thing for me..

5) one would be faking if he/she says "pyar sirf ek hi baar hota hai.." naa....we love and also fall in love with more than 2-3 people in life time...its just that we dont tend to express or be with them for life time...

6) its not necessary that we love the one we get married to...every married couple is not a pair of soulmates...

7) its not necessary that we give our love an ultimate destination called marriage....we can still be in love and not get married...bonding keeps us close irrespective of the distance we live...

8) once the love is matter never dies...its eternal...but birth of such love is rare..

9) love at first sight does happen....but its legitimacy is a question!

10) sometimes we fall in love in first instance...sometimes we never fall in love -even if we are together and live close for decades

11) for those who are in love...they can understand the difference between lovemaking and having sex...

12) there is never a breakup in love...we just tend to get apart..yet we are deeply connected to each other and the bonding lives forever..

13) love happens to anyone irrespective of age, sex (yes it happens for some people..and we have to respect them!), financial status, caste, creed, complexion and all....

14) love means no business...its a spiritual and eternal connection which comes without pros and cons...

15) love never happens to those who are highly infatuated, as they feel its love each time they come across a man/woman

16) when we love ourself...we can/and are authorised to love others

17) love means no hatred and there are no killings/attacks/ dont tend to hurt your lover in any-which way!

18) there is no room for dislike and non-compromise in happens when you want to do business..not love..

19) you can have multiple partners..yet love only one person....(this applies to debate over this issue..any sensible person can understand what i mean)

20) love cant be can only be experienced...

i think i gave enough gyaan on love....i mean every word...and this is what i think...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

unimportant emotions

well i see people sending friend requests on various networking sites..
some add just for the sake of it...some add to know others...some add as they know each other...some add for other reasons....whatever the reason be....our friends' list keeps growing day by day....they are hardly our friends yet we are compelled to call them our friends...

how about removing them from the list? many people, very conveniently remove them...
some remove as they are pestered or spied on....some remove as they find some differences...some remove as they feel its not important...
why even add when you dont want them?
even i removed and added many people like that....but sometimes i wonder why i re-add or or remove them? i dont feel really comfortable when i dont see myself in others friends' list....

now comes the list in messengers....we have tons of them in our lists...we seldom talk/chat with them....yet we maintain a list for the sake of it...why even keep them when you have no time to atleast say 'hi' once in a year on your own? its not a wardrobe! why decorative pieces when you give no importance? i wish not to have such people in my list who never care to say hi....who cares ya...leave em for good!

now comes response to email....we keep fwding mails and messages....acknowledging them is ones own decision....the recipient has the liberty to acknowledge it or not.....but when you dont want to do it for life time...then why even receive mails? why not just block them rather than making the mailer- a fool?

now comes calls.....some people never build a habit of calling back....if you never call thats different....but if you are not responding to a call.....then why not pick once and just inform them that you dont want anymore calls?

i am not writing this mail out of frustration or whatever....but i am trying to scream that there is some basic etiquette which we have to follow...else i see no difference between us and other species....some emotions are still left in this world and its better if we understand them....time and work kill us for good...priorities keep changing....but not our instinct.....its better to be straight enough than be a hypocrite and fake oneself.....

Friday, October 02, 2009

some updates

haven't updated my blog since a long on my readers' request, i am posting some updates here

1) was down with viral fever, flu, cramps, and what not! enjoyed everything but swine flu. enjoyed the pamper by mom, sis and best friends who kept track of me 24x7. relished tons of coconut water and yeah shed some weight...the antibiotics were yuk and they made me sick...

2) our neighbour Mrs Rao lost her eye. Poor lady, she has this habit of spying on us each time our door bell, once while she was on job with an eye in the 'magic eye' of the door...her door bell rang..and in a hurry she pulled her face out and one of her eyes got stuck in it...poor woman...heard she is managing with only one eye now! the other eye is anyways on job....

3) went to kaminey and left the theater in the middle. thanks to the crappy wontons that i had before going to the movie...and the loud music and nonsensical drama....i had bad headache and puked on the pretty lady next to me in the theater (there was pinch of J also) ...and i came running out of the theater...

4) didnot shop at running out of money and now my dad is keeping a track of each and every penny...he also has the list of dresses that i have now! gaawwwddd...i just asked him for another cupboard and he took away my atm card

5) learnt making i can make them without roasting/burning....they can be relished with any curry ordered from yet to learn how to make curries...and i dont think i can (want to) actually learn

6) am speeding up the process to find the man of my sleeping a lot nowadays...

7) now am reading 3 books at a time....yeahh have been reading them since 4 months....

8) have stopped being i feel...i have bugged everyone enough...time to rejuvenate my gtalk/yahoo messenger list

i think....i am done...more in my next post...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


horrorscopes... predict everything (bhoot -bhavishyat -varatamaan..) are one of those favourites for elders and youngsters too.

i have been facing this horror since my birth and now as 'woman about to get married', its been a boon and a bane for me in many ways.
when am not liked, the guy's mother/father informs my dad that horoscopes dint match while my dad gets it checked and the pundit says they did match...hahaha...such a lame excuse..

when guy and myself like each other..these horoscopes do come as nightmares..
i still wonder about those silly astronomical things far above the sky who dictate our lives..arey yar..maine telescope say bhi unhe kabhi nahi dekha...tho yeh budh grah aur shukr grah kaha se aagaye mere zindagi mein? (or why dont some astronimcal scientist sue those kundli makers for misusing and misinterpreting the celestial bodies?)

yeahh another thing is being manglik ..manglik people want to get married to only mangliks...if it is a manglik girl..she can marry a tree, donkey or a monkey and then the non manglik boy! you might be knowing that technically abhishek is aishwarya's third husband...she was married to some neem tree then some ferns or crotons or some animal and then to abhishek...whooa...tho abhi abhishek ko kuch nahi hoga? (PETA people sleep at this hour....zzzzzzzz)

and then the gotras...people from same gotra are considered yeh kaheka funda dont even know the traces of the boy meet him somewhere across the like him...then you realise he is supposed to be your brother and you can not marry him! coz you have the same gotras...i need a breaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (rakshabandhan should be celebrated with them also)

then the gun (gana)-atleast 23 of them should match for the boy and girl...arey yar...kundli milaake kitne log pyar karte hai....(imagine people carrying their kundlis in their wallets and handbags and ask...hey dude whats your kundli?)
i think people who run programmes across the world need to understand that compatibility is also a major thing!

i know horoscopes are essential...but not to an extent that you miss on a nice person or a family in this stupid process....let it be just horoscope...not a horrorscope to buy/get married to nightmares in life!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

man..i miss you...

I am no fan of YSR..neither did i support him during elections. I never had a good impression on him and I always feel he made an upper middle class's life- hell. We have stopped buying toor dal (Rs80+/kg) and forgot the taste of some vegetables...the ever rising prices in his legacy never impressed us. I am talking loud..many of you might be thinking loud.... some of you might never want to say anything.
but there is one thing that always mesmerised me about this 60+ youngman..that is his charisma..he won the hearts...i always told my parents that YSR surely knows how to offend before going for defence....he surely predicts the steps far before and thats an essential quality of a poilitician. he knows how to win - while losing the battle....he knows how to spring back if he lost the war....he has the guts and he showed them. his machoism is unbeatable and i bet he is a true MAN... i am pretty sure he is irreplaceable and we lost him!
RIP YSR...we surely miss you (atleast I miss you)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

bday yoho...

its my birthday again...time flew without giving a notice and i admit, i am thrilled and amazed by the pace with which my life is moving. now i am 27. oh..noo...i have no issues in revealing my age and i feel proud to be

i started receiving calls from 23 AUG and trust me i cut 4 cakes back to back. loads of messages. my 1GB memory card phone ran out of space..and i had to keep my mobile on charging continuously.
i felt like a princess and the day was mine. the treasure hunt by my sis, vamsi, sasi and trinadh, gifts and love by TP, everything was amazing. Mr RK made it a point to meet me..and Mr C flew down next day to wish me...the 27 gifts that he gave as part of my bday are just awesome..and what do i need in life...its been 4 days already....and am still getting calls and wishes...let it be belated thing...people are wishing me...
above all..i would also like to wish my mom'happy rebirth day' it was a rebirth for her when i came into this world...
everything in my life is special..and i have no complaints...
love you all

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

just a click away

i always wished there was someone who can do everything for a genee..sorts...just a phone call away and there everything is at your feet...booooooom..
my cousin also came up with such an idea and now he is donning the role of genee to everyone...
yeahh he created this website

the groceries are just a click away and i bet you can place order by lazing on your bed!
thanks are a gem...hope you come to hyderabad soon...
for lazy bums like are a wishy-washy person...
folks out there...go through this and grab your stuff...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a face that i see

the face that i see is bold and beautiful
many emotions beneath the eyes
the strong will that is seen is awesome
but the shyness behind is seldom realised

attitude personified it is
arrongance is the thing that is seen
rudeness is what shown
love and affection are the sheen
ego throws you away
but it is the self determination that is unseen

the beautiful smile that it has
words beneath the lips are never said
the lovely curves are beautiful to look at
the pain inside the body is unknown
a mixture of too many emotions it is
warmth and care are its own

seems to be simple to read
but the pages are not clearly written
while everyone thinks it is quite open
no one knows whats hidden
proudness is poured out
it is self-sufficient smitten

a face that i see everyday
many thoughts and many questions
thats the face that i try to read
a face in the mirror that it is!

Monday, August 03, 2009

reason for divorce is marriage!

am i not right? the very reason for divorce is a marriage! no divorce!

but its not always right too...many of our parents are still living in harmony..then why not our generation?
is it ego? finance? compatibility? extra marital affair? mental illness? reasons are numerous and not one will accept the fault of ones own!
but then again..i am told my thought is wrong! may be i was wrong....marriage as an institution is set for us and we tend to move away from it by shunning the norms!
basically i see it as loss of trust and a sense of insecurity! when one can overcome sure anyone can live with it!
may be even i need to overcome it asap..or else...i gotta be living with my eternal singleton status!
hopefully i would find someone worth living with... soon!
not losers for sure!

Friday, July 24, 2009

are you a virgin?

"so you are a virgin..right?"
"excuuuuse me...."
'well i am just asking in case..if you are..then i can suggest a better groom for you"
"like a virgin male for me?"
"no...the elders were interested in it..not have been out of your home since a decade and you are a very brave/bold/enthusiastic girl (woman) i was insisting that you are not that type of girl"
"i think the signal is low...will talk to you later..bye for now"
i hung up and was wondering what people are upto? this is 2009 and you want to know if a girl is virgin before hooking her up with a man who is a sadhu and innocent (as they claim) ... just like the fresh one from mother's womb! come on give me a break!
what if i say 'yes i am' but yet am promiscuous...
what if i say 'no..i am not'...but yet i never had any relationship?
i obviously never mind if the guy (groom) have had n-number of relationships before marriage....let him be committed to me aftermath...even if he is interested in other girl after the wedding..i would certainly try to analyse the about it and try to save the relationship till the last string than make a fuss out of it!
but why men want PURE women? or do they really care about it? most of my male pals are very generous and i am amazed by the way they accept women in their lives...i was wondering how lucky their wives would be to have them as their spouses (or do they just talk but still mind it when it comes to action?)
virginity is for the soul...not the body! a promiscuous woman might remain virgin through out her life even if she have had numerous relationships and vice versa!

guys out there! if you still think you need a virgin female....forget it! even if she is...she would never want a man like you! trust me.........

Monday, July 13, 2009

artistic me

not many people know that am an artist (as in paintings)...i am dead creative and i can make you lose your hair (you will keep scratching it) when you see my work. I am truely amazing with colours and can paint anything and everything in red blue and green and sometimes black too. when I want to put white colour..i leave it intact!

let me share some stories of mine in my journey of painting....
I was in class 4/5 (i dont remember exactly) when my class teacher asked me to draw varieties of leaves....i could draw a leaf and it actually looked like a leaf...whooa...then my mom taught me to draw another leaf and till date I can draw it...I am so committed to it that I never ventured into learning the other kinds of leaves and the shapes...

Then I was in class 7 when I learnt how to draw a rose...till date i draw it as i saw it my super catching brain or my memory skills...i never tried any other flower in my whole life...eventually...when i draw a rose...people recognise it that its 'swats rose'

Then when I was in class 11-12, being a biology student, I was supposed to draw moving creature in this world..I still remember how I used to take traces of everything! lol...

then one fine day my biology lecturer put a test and asked us to draw different kinds of stems...i drew trunks and she put a big oval around a picture which is somewhat round in shape...when she asked me what it was..i explained her that it was potato (FYI- potato is a stem biologically)
she gave me no marks and i told her that potato can be in any shape nearing a cricle and i deserve marks for the same.....she never gave me any marks after matter how well i drew and made picaso jealous of me!

It was our zoology practicals...and again my zoology lecturer encircled a picture in my answer sheet. I tried explaining him that it was amoeba and it is shapeless (amoeba is shapeless unicellular bacterium) and he was not convinced. I yelled at him that i deserve marks at any cost as amoeba is shapeless and one cannot describe any shape to it...finally i managed zero marks and i was almost thrown out of my class... he didnot stop at that..he showed the pic to the whole class and I still have the grudge on him......grrrrrrrrrr

next comes this painting competetion by The Hindu people and i didnot even leave it....I went ahead and painted lord ganesha and lakshmi as a symbol of Indianism. I went to see the exhibit the next day....everyones painting was on display except mine...i was informed that some exclusive paintings were put on the table and the organisers thought that they were too exclusive to be included in the went along with my friends and discovered my painitng from the lot and my friends yet again remained puzzled after seeing it....gaawwdd..they couldnot recoznise lord ganesha....its just that his ears were not seen in the painting...creative me and dumbo them!

once highly inspired by a painting in my house..i tried to make a sketch of it and my dad told me that it resembled a transexual and asked me to reveal the true identity...damn..then i relaised that i am too creative and its just that people are unable to interpret my drawing skills...

i still appreciate all the painters in the world and encourage them. I know they can never reach my standards but as an artist I try my level best to let them know the standards of painting..Its been ages since I drew something...I shall do it soon and exhibit for you all...I wish it would be a feast for your eyes...

lately, this blog is inspired by my fellow blogger Mr Ramana
ramana is an average painter and I keep leaving comments while he paints...he was so encouraged by me that he sent me 2 paintings by post (Thanks a ton buddy)
Now am planning to leave comments on all of his paintings so that I can fill my house with his art....well before I do it...even you can do that..just click on his url...check his paintings and appreciate them and leave your address...the next moment you have a surprise in your house..what a bumper offer it is.!!!.hurry up...offer valid till the stock lasts...
here is his paiting that he sent me...i could not retrieve the other one! (ramana is going to kill me after reading this)

well you can also share your artistic I shall write about my other talents in my next blogs...keep reading....opppsss...keep painting...(people even say that I paint the city red sometimes...see there again I paint sometimes even without paiting) lol

Friday, June 26, 2009

kiss of her life!!!!

the cool breeze was flowing through her cheeks and her hair strands were giving her a tingling sensation...she was in deep sleep and then there was her man of her dreams...he moved the hair on her forehead and she was yet to believe it...he slowly moved towards her..her heart was beating at jet speed and she could literally hear the sound...he drew close to her and she closed her eyes...he slowly kissed her on her cheek and she made a jerk...thats it...she opened her eyes and there he was sitting next to wasn't a dream at all...the kiss was real...she sat straight and stared at him...she was sweating...he asked her how she felt about the kiss and she jumped out of the bed...he came closer and held her from back...she is now about to die...the moment was romantic enough for a teenage girl on a breezy cold winter night...but it wasnt for her...she moved out of his arms and rushed into another bedroom...locked herself inside and sat on the floor...

it was a kiss...a kiss that she never was a hug...a hug that she never wanted! tears were scrolling and she had no one to speak to...for she knew she was being sexually attacked...the man is none other than her uncle whom her father trusted and asked him to take care of this little girl.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Love you Arpita :)

Friends happen in life and one such friend of mine who has been my inspiration and motivation and my source of happiness is undoubtedly -Arpita. this little cute buddy of mine always reminds me of my confidence and tells me how important life is. she taught me to stay happy and thats how i learnt to live life to the fullest. here is a small gift from her...i received this email in which she mentioned that its a poem written by her for me!! and i must say there is a hidden poet in arps which is not known to many people.

Love you arpita. I am proud to have known you and be with you.

Maine tumhe karmo se paya,

Ab nahi hai tumhe khona.

Nahi milti dost tumhari jaisi,

Jo ho bilkul pyari, ma si.

Guzarish hai rab se hasti raho tum hamesha,

Rona pare gar tumhe kabhi to, khuda se hogi bari ek khata.

Paao tum har vo khushi, Jiske lie dunia tarastee.

Mile tumhe kamayabee , ye sapna maine dekhi.

Tum ho khuda ka noor,

dostoon pe chaya rehta hai tumhara suroor.

Dhartee pe aayi tum pari si,

Rehna hamesha foolon si mehki mehki.

Mehfil ho soona tumhare bagair,

Aaye nahi raunak tumhare bagair.

Ma ki pooja ka fal tum ho,

Tum aayi dharti par hasane har kisi ko.

Arpita. 10.25 p.m

Thursday, June 11, 2009

how to stop nightmares!!!

he- she says she misses me....awww
me- really? wow...whats happening
he - nothing much..a recent friend of mine...
me- awww..sort of love?
he- naa...but she misses me...
me- oh..really?
he - nothing ya..she says i should come back soon...seems she is having some nightmares
me- like what?
he- like..something wierd is gonna happen to me...
me - hmm
he - should i bother about it? she says that i should take care...
me- hmmm
he- i am also worried...will something happen to me? she says its been like that for a while now....
me- hmmm
he- what ya..say something na...
me- ask her to sleep less....

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


rockingman met angelsmile on a matrimony site. they exchanged emails and decided to meet online. and they met...

rockingman- hey nice to see you here..

angelsmile- oh yeahh...same how are you doing?

R- yes am good and what about you?

A-swimming through recession ..apart from that life is cool

R-let me tell do have a great smile (flirts)

A-(blushes) thank you ...thank you..and i guess you must be a real macho man!

R- (feels great) so may i ask you where you work?

A- oh yes...i work for xyz company at so and so place..and what about you?

R-I work for ABC company at so and so place...hey my cousin also works with xyz company at your place

A- really? wow...then i can meet her and know more about the way..may I know your good name?

R-ladies first..

A- oh..hmm..well am called as aditi mishra.

R- which place are you from?

A-so and so place...

Rockingman logged off instantly and never turned again...and for angelsmile- he remained as a mystery....

the only secret that rocking man knows and would never reveal is that ..angelsmile is his cousin... he was talking about!!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

steps of failure..climb them...

many people fail...and they take failure as a stepping stone of success...i call them new age phoenixes! whoa...they discover the new steps and achieve heights!

but some people fail and fail and continue to fail no matter how many steps they it possible?

i guess yes...
here i call it steps of failure!

i would give anything in this world if any of you can climb these steps and say 'you are successful'

Friday, June 05, 2009

go doing nothing

world environment day again. june 5th always excites me as my identity is very much related to it! yeah as an environmental journalist i bug and dig people most of the times and ask them to go green! how about doing it now...i know it sucks to even think about compromising and sacrificing our interests to save nature..but how about not doing anything yet saving the planet???
here are some tips which could be adopted by anyone at anytime at any place!!!
1) washed your clothes and you have tons of water in your bucket???...wait..dont throw into the gutter..use the water to flush your toilets...there you go...reusing your water...see how simple it is...
2) washed your vegetables and throwing away the vegetable waste? wait hero....put them in the simple as that
3) how about buying a gen-x jute or cloth bag and wearing it across your shoulders while your goggles are on!! you look like a dude /chic...i bet go for shopping and dump your stuff in it...dont carry polythene.. you look smart when you have cloth or jute bags in your hands than those branded polythene bags!! think about it honey
4) have you ever thought of having a well lit room? trust me and try this...switch on the lights only in the room that you are in and let all other lights and fans sleep (not at the cost of other people in the house) now see how well you glow in your own room...dont you think you would be saving lot of electricity??? think think..
5) decorate your balcony and corridor with small plant pots and flowers....see how beautiful it would wont cost you more than 100 bucks..but definitely gives you million times of happiness..
6) whenever you open the tap..imagine you are using your credit card! i dont think you are dumb enough to over use your credit card!!
how about taking an oath to do all these stuff or atleast one of them? be at your home and save the planet!
GO GREEN...........zoooooom

Monday, May 18, 2009


we all went to studios and got clicked. now dont deny it....see how we pose!!!!
( o mere dil ki raani ..llalalalala)

( women empowerment?)

(chandini...o meri chandini...)

(wireless telephone with cordless TV!!!!)

(courtesy- another fwd email)

Now share yours.....I am click...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i wanna wanna !!!!

i have been receiving this fwd email since long. whenever i read- i rofl. so i thought to share this with all my buddies who need a good laugh..
These are actual ads. Grammar and spell errors have no place in a profile description as everything is straight from theheart!
Disclaimer : I am not responsible if you forget your basic grammar after reading this.....
- Hello To Viewers My Name is Shekhar , I am single i don't have female,If anyone want to Marie to me u can visit to my home. I am not a goodeducation but i working all field in bangalroe.. if u like me u welcometo my heart...when ever u want to meet pls visit my resident or send uletter.. Thanks yours Regards Shekhar ~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i want very simple girl. from brahmin educated family from orissa stateshe is also know about RAMAYAN, GEETA BHAGABATA, and other homework
Wants a woman who knows me better and can adjust with me forever. shemay never create any difficulties in my life or her life by which theentire life can run smoothly. thank you
(The principle of running life smoothly was never so easy!)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
she should be good looking and should have a service. she Should haveone brother and one sister. she should be educated.
(ain't it unique !! 1 brother 1 sister criteria !)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person. Enjoys every moments of life. Ilove to make friendship. Because friendship is a first step of love. Iam looking for my dreamgirl who will love me more than i. Because i lovemyself a lot. If u think that is u then why to late come on ........holdmy hand forever !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i am simple boy.I have lot of problem in my life because of my luck nowi am looking one gal she care me and love me lot lot lot
(I don't know why but this is one of my favorites)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i want a girl with no drinks if she wants she can wear jeans in housebut while stepping out of house she should give respect to our cast
(by not wearing her jeans? Wat the hell...)
(all of us are loughing{laughing})
whatever she may be but she should feel that she is going to be someonebride and she must think of the future life if she is too like this shewould be called the woman of the lamp
(I am clueless, I feel so lost. Can anyone tell me what this boy wants)
i love my patner i marriage the patner ok i search my patner and i lovethepatner ok thik hai the patner has a graduate ok
(I am again clueless but I liked the use of "ok". The person issuffering from "Ok-syndrome")
(the "ok syndrome" again)
I am pran my family history my two brother two sister and Father&mothersister complity marred
(somebody please explain in comments section how to get married'completely'?)
iam very simpel and hanest. i have three sister one brother and parent.iam doing postal sarvice and tailor master my original resdence atkalahandi diste naw iam staing at rayagada dist.
(actually what is this guy doing? Postal service or tailor.??)
my name is muhamad and i am unmarried. pleaes you marrige me pleaespleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes
(height of desperation!)
I want one girl who love me or my mother. she love me heartly or shehavea frank she's skin colour 'normal'not a black or not a whitey.IThink the main think is heart if your heart is beautiful then you arebeautiful.but iam not a handsome guy or not a good looking. but my Mom say thatIam a good guy. My father already expired . THE CHOICE IS YOUR.bye bye.
(uttama purushan)
iam kanan. i do owo sistar.he was marred.
(No comments)
(maybe the poor guy meant BAD habits)
hello i am a good charactarised man. i want to run my life happily.idivorced my first wife.her charactor is not good'. i expect the goodminded and clean habits girl who may be in the same caste or other casteaccepted ...
(but credit cards not accepted..???)
my colour is black,but my heart is white.i like social service(Zebra..???)
i'm looking out for who lives in bombay , girl simple who trust me lotshould be roman catholic, LOVE ME ONLY.
(Now that criterion is a must, isn't it?)
to be married on jan-2006. working woman perferable
(this guy has fixed the marriage date too! But he is yet to find abride.I wish him best of luck on behalf of all of us. I am sure he willget one soon.)
i would like a beautyfull girl. and i do not want her any treasure.because girl is the maharani.
(Now she is going to be a lucky girl! Any takers?)
ssc failed three times and worked with privated ltd company which notpaying salary at present.
(Any takers again?)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

how blind one can be?

was wondering how people accept new requests on face book and orkut or any other social-networking sites. blogs are no exception!! there are a couple of instances that happened even to my acquaintances where they realised well before they were trapped. unless untill people know each other very strongly, how can one trust the other and be so blind.
i just came across this article on yahoo news.
how/why the hell did the girl go to his house? people are becoming crazy...this crave for new relationships and 'i dont care attitude' is growing among urbanites for no good. knowing people is not bad...but trusting them blindly is worst.
stay away from strangers buddies...this could happen to you as well..beware!!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

success mantra

behind every successful man there is a woman
- so true it is

behind every successful woman there is no man- so true it is!!

proud to be single and successful

Thursday, April 23, 2009

was it all just for fun?

u made me laugh
u kept me happy all the time...
u tried to give me everything under the sun

we cherished every moment together
we lived through every happiness...
i felt its only u and i have none

now i need u so much
i know i am incomplete without u...
but u say it was all just for fun

Thursday, April 16, 2009

finally a HOT DATE writing my blog after a month.....i know its tooo late...but trust has been very turbulent since a month and i dint get a chance to sit-think-write a am back...

anyways..finally i went on a HOT DATE today....yeah,,,my friend Mr N and I went to watch fast and furious....this is the first time am watching the series and as soon as the movie started.. i asked N to explain the movie as i cant understand "English"....well he informed that the dialogues are in Spanish .....awww...... i almost remained silent for the next two hours.....

i was too furious to get back home as i was literally getting burnt...the sun blaze was at its worst...worst enough to cook instant noodles in a traffic-jam!!!!

finally i was back home and seems i had sunstroke...huh....

i know.... surely a HOT DATE to remember........

20 random things about me

ok here goes the list...finally....

1) i am very moody
2) i give a damn to arrogance
3) i love animals
4) i respect elders
5) adoption is in my future plan
6) i am very courteous in nature
7) my parents are my inspiration
8) my life is mine and am answerable to none
9) i believe in humanity
10) for me love is essential and i connect myself with many people across the globe
11) i don't believe in marriage as an institution
12) i feel there should be dignity in whatever we do
13) i love my wardrobe
14) my sister means a lot to me
15) wooing me is the most difficult thing in this world
16) i enjoy every moment of my life...
17) i sound feminist but i am not...
18) my absence is surely felt among the loved ones
19) from vedas to vodka.....i am into everything
20) i hate suggestions!!!

awwwwww finally.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the perfect reason

its not you don't love me....its that you simply can't...

its your loss !!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

not an easy job!!!

I was lazying in a seminar session while Ms M threw this paper infront of me and was a bit irritated. I dint understand what it was and took it and saw a big photo of a girl who was naked and a write up on her....its been more than 6 months now..and i still read this piece.... go through it

ok to start with....i love the article....ofcourse not for the way it was written but i can clearly see the attitude of Anjali who is very clear in what she wants in life. unlike many hypocrites and those in the veil of traditions and cultures, anjali surely made a niche in her personal and professional life.
i felt, i am no one infront of this woman who is as genuine as a crystal clear mirror without any faking attitude. purity is what we need in point in watching porn secretly or throwing tantrums on opposite sex and faking to be clean....i compare them with a clean and tidy comode which inherently is dirty but looks clean for while....

i always wanted to know why sex workers are into the field...they r also women, they have emotions, they need a family and they need a supporting quench my thirst, i met this eunuch on necklace road one sunday evening....let me tell u...necklace road is a famous hangout zone in hyderabad near hussain sagar and one can find varieties of lives in every 3 feet distance...this eunuch bumped on to me seeking alms and i asked her to give me her phone number...she was taken aback and put a puzzled face....i assured her that i am harmless and i just want to talk to them....apparently she refused to give me the number and asked me to come to their place anytime...i accepted the invite.

i still dont know why i am writing this blog...but somehow i remembered anjali today and googled for her article and am penning it down here...may be i just want to say that we shouldnot judge people by what we look at them..its better to talk to them and conclude..(anyways we dont have anyrights to conclude about anyone)

lets respect each other!!!!!!

sikkim- virtual tour

I have been to sikkim some 8 yrs ago and have fond memories of the place. It was our last family tour (apparently we became busy after that) and i still relive those memories whenever i see the pics. recently rahul, my batchmate at IIFM, told me that he was in sikkim. so i asked him about the place and he had many things to i suggested him to write something about the place so that i can put it in my blog.....u can also check rahul's blog at
To start with the food habit of the people of Sikkim I must start with one things :- Sikkim is a very cold place situated in the foothills of Himalayas. People here mostly prefer Hot drinks and mostly love to drinks alcohol (either home made/ those availables in shops). As there is no tax on alcohols here the cost is way too less which motivates people to consume more of it and the cold adds up to the reason. The side dish that goes parallel with alcohol is Momos ( dumplings) Whether its chicken dumplings or mutton or pork dumplings or beef dumplings its kind of national food /snacks for the people of sikkim. I personally tasted all variety and loved it. People who really eat dumplings in morning as break fast or lunch or afternoon snacks. No one really needs a reason to eat these and each and every local food joint or resturant serves dumplings. Another stuff that really comes as a compliment with the dumpling is a chilli sauce which is locally made. You find these sauce every where though it compliments the dumplings in a great way but people here also uses these chilly sauces with various other food and even with chapatis :) There is a local drink alcohole which is made from fermented rice in house holds. People usually enjoy this drink in any of these local fuctions or household functions. Though I heard this one is really strong and nasty :) People here have more or less liking to chinese foods and chowmin is one of their fav...actually no one here like to have hakka noodles and most of them like to take grave noodles with pork, beef or mutton.. Chicken is least in the priority of the non veg food and pork is quite cheap in this place....The chilli pork is one of the most popular snacks which goes complimentarily with drinks. Though all these are quite natural but people here have a weird habit of eating dried monkey meat when they have malaria. Its a common belif that eating dried monkey meat in thier soups will help the body to recover in malaria....weird but i donno if it really works or not..... Though for someone who is comming to sikkim he or she must tastes the dumpplings and the chilli pork and if one dosenot have any problem in drinking then go ahead and booze as much as you can coz its really cheap here
so how about a tour to this heavenly place???????

Sunday, March 08, 2009

am confused

today is international women's day...
i am 26 something and i feel i am now "a woman" and no more a girl...i have been going through many tides...lows and has been a huge roller coster ride for me...if i have seen the toughest days in my life...i have also seen success in many i believe in accepting the life as it comes to me....sometimes i am pissed off...sometimes i am atlast now in a stage of life where i dont know what i want ....many factors are effecting me...from relationships to matters of hearts....from extra-marital affairs to economic has become turbulent...i understood that life of a woman is as chaotic as that of a man....well onething that i learnt is that to be strong and dynamic....

and now since morning....i have been receiving calls of HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!!!!
huh i dont like to be wished....i believe in equal rights and say that if there is a women's day there should be a men's day as well...i might sound strange but i mean it....
yes, we do still live in a male dominant society but for me its an individual thing to prove oneself...if we have the talent and substance in us, no force can stop us.
many men take me as a feminist as i sound strong in my opinions..yes i am strong enough to be defeated and i can challenge male ego....but i dont do this with everyone.
for me sexual harrasments at work place, domestic abuses, eve teasings etc are nothing but the results of being weak...if a woman is strong and is self one can harm her....

hey hang on...i know am sounding a bit philo....well there is another side of the story as well...
no one wants a strong gf...huh...sad me....all alone...i look ok ok types and no idea why men run away from me....may be i give them an assumption that i am too rude or my mom is asking me to be a bit soft and inclusive...huh....

am a bit confused in life now....

Monday, March 02, 2009

a bit delayed

oops my fellow bloggers!!!!..sorry for not posting all these days....should i tell u the reason? life has become hectic with loads of work ....lot of traveling....and above all...some the end of the day when i felt i am relieved of all my lappy died an instant death and now i gotta give it a new birth or do the funerals for mobile phone also died without any notice and i have been roaming around the service center like a loanwala...and yesterday my new iron box also died...gawddddddddddd......sigh
wish me good also going through some blues...not exactly like those-heart -broken ones...but somewhat
but i bet...i shall spring back soon....
swats can never be gloomy lol...

Monday, February 16, 2009

vday sans roses and cards

i have been sleeping the whole day...thanks to my illness which keeps me shut in my room for days together the evening-myself and my roomies relaised that it was vday and we went out...i mean crossed the road and checked some (same old) stuff and bought some biryani for our dinner....had a small .....and then slept....huh....another vday in my life sans and what-so-ever...after finishing quarter century of my life....swatsssssssssssss..u r fit for nothing....

wait wait...before i end this one....i gotta tell u that i have beautiful girlfriends....and arps is one among this is her gift for me....

what else can i ask vday is complete now..........

love u all....i know i cannot love only one person at a not that selfish...hahaha

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

swimming blues

since my childhood i have always dreamt that 'i was getting drowned and suddenly i run my hands and legs and am floating and saved myself'....then after waking up i always told my dad that i swam in my dream and i now know how to swim....he used to throw that -u-kidddy- kinds of sarcastic smile and brush aside my dream project of non- learnt-swimming... fine day i slipped into a small lake and was saved by someone who actually knew how to swim.....that day i realised it was surely a dream and my dad was serious while he was laughing at me......well well well......
after few years.....i was rushing to my school on a rainy day and in a hurry to catch the bus i took the drainage canal route and as usual fell again into please dont ask me how the experience was...i dint fall into a wine pool....i still feel nauseatic....huh....
then i decided to seriously learn how to swim and always dreamt of wearing those sexy outfits and swim in the blue waters while my drink was waited for me on the bay....
then came my flight journey from colombo where i had to cross the sea while flying....again again....i dint know how to swim and i was sure i  was going to become a potential breakfast for the sea animals for a couple of days, if my plane decides not to fly anymore....and atlast thanks the huge turbulance....the plane was shaking as a rollercoster and i almost had a heart-attack....u can read the experience here... (
i again decided to take up swimming classes after fainting down and getting up saga....

then came my phuket trip - where i was gearing up myself for snorkelling and the sea visit at phi-phi islands.....the green waters and colourful fish were quite tempting and despite of having a life jacket and save guards...i couldnot swim and apparently i had to go through the shallow waters like a frog- jumping here and there....mind u....i dint swim....but i managed to crawl and jump here and there in the waters.....huh.....

and now i have ample of time and i am, this time, damn serious about learning how to swim and took it as a challenge and bought a swim suit for myself nearly two months ago......wait wait....its not a three piece or seven piece or whatever...anyway am not going to tell what it is like....
my mom was equally excited about my decision to take up swimming classes and for two months she bugged me about me joining the sessions.......and dad, as usual, took it lightly as he knows that am a potential source of income for many gyms and yoga centers in the city where i pay the fee and never show my face....

finally last week, i rushed into this-all-ladies-pool and asked the trainer to teach me how to swim....well she was equally excited about it and took the classes immediately....
then came the moment when i actually went inside the water and realised the story is somewhat different....i could manage to stop breathing inside the water and float....thats it...
my roomy Ms R who also joined the classes with me is now finding the pool too short to swim across...i saw her transforming into a shark from a small fish or a larva of a frog....
and still floating and struggling to move my hands and legs....i forget to do either of them and being a virgo...i always knew i hated multitasking....

today i asked my trainer if i could swim with only one hand as i am forgetting to move my two legs while moving my two hands...she almost fainet and threw a dirty gaze at me and wondered how would i swim with one hand....then i gave her an option to play the music so that i feel relaxed and might swim....and there she went and played the first ever -swimming class -song for a student like me who is drowning in the floating sessions..and the song was...."bedardi baalma...tujhko...mera mann yaad karta hai"....i apparently fell inside the pool after listening to the song and thanks to my never ending long legs which saved me from hitting the floor....
she punished me and asked me to float again and practice how to flip my legs even while watching am doing that while writing this blog...
if i am alive and not drowned...i shall come up with another one...ciao

Monday, February 02, 2009

i love him....

i heard of him....and was curious to know what he is like..........
i saw him and felt -may be he was the kind of man i have been searching for........
i learnt about him and realised -my search ended........
that moment i realised - i love him.....more than anything...
whenever i see heart beats faster......
i am bowled by his charisma.....i am stumped by his bravery......i am impressed by his life.....
i feel the gyrations whenever i see him......i know i love him....
i always stayed blank when people asked me who my favourite hero was......
now i have an answer....he is none other than...

the real hero of our nation...he is still existing for me in this world...i think of him when i am low......he is the driving factor for many a youth.... always exist for us......