Thursday, February 26, 2015

Untied by Law

I feel like a liberated woman, especially as a housewife. Wait, I have a great husband, who lets me do what I want. So, don't be so judgemental. I was tied by law. Again, I haven't done anything illegal. All I did was- marry a man on H1 visa (work visa) and come to USA as a "dependent". I am so dependent that I don't even have an SSN. Funny, I went to an interview this morning to be a volunteer and the interviewers asked me for my SSN. When I said, I don't have one and I am a dependent, they said, they never dealt with a volunteer like me! Strange enough, even I never thought I would be such an educated parasite. (Read my other post on being H4.) 

Alas! The bad days are over and it's time for me to move on. Thanks to US government, they are now letting us (H4s) work. Hurray. Can't explain how ecstatic I am. Well many people have doubts on who can work and how can we work. So, I thought of writing it down in this blog. Let's see if I can sum up in few words.

Who can work?
Every one on H4 whose spouse (H1) has approved and valid I140

For how many years do you have to live in USA?
If you have I140, everything else is discounted. If you don't, then your spouse should be on 6+ years H1 extension.

What kind of education do you need?
Educated enough to be a good employee. As the STEM, flower, leaves rules don't apply. As long as you maintain a good decorum, you are fine to work. Respect to Labor!

How many will be selected?
As far as USCIS, is concerned, it is not putting any CAP. That means, no lottery like H1 or waiting process. 

What if you are a student or on OPT or on H1?
You need to come back to H4 to be eligible for EAD. 

Can you travel to India?
Yes. As long as you have valid H4, you can. If you don't then you need to go through stamping process just like other times. 

Will you get GC soon?
God knows. But definitely you will still be on H4 with a work permit. The GC is a mirage. So, better enjoy the EAD permit.

When can you apply?
ON or AFTER MAY 26. This is not black friday line where you stand in queue 2 days before. Relax. You can apply on May 26 or even after that. 

What if you miss May 26 deadline?
Hello! Nothing will happen. Take a chill-pill and apply after you are free. There is no time limit as of today and you can apply anytime. So, happily plan your vacation and come back and then apply. 

Where can you work?
Anywhere as long as it is legal! Yeah. From Walmart to FBI, if they accept you and your talent, you can. By the way, I think FBI needs US citizens! Let me cross check. ;)

Do you have any further doubts?
check this Link

What to do after you get job?
Send me sweets ;) 

Enjoy ladies (and any men out there). Our wait time is over. Finally, we can all officially buy work dresses, go to work place and more importantly, use our talent. 
God bless America. 

I used the best of my knowledge to sum up. If, I have written anything wrong, please let me know (don't throw stones). Good luck.