Sunday, November 06, 2011

The small thin indian wedding

Contrary to the "big fat Indian wedding" tag, my blog, probably is the story of cheapest wedding anyone ever had in life. Even, an eloped wedding might have costed the price of travel by train, bus and minimal logistics. But, the wedding that I am going to talk about, is the cheapest possible Indian wedding. You will be stunned at the total cost and this can happen! Read further for an interesting story.

After the traditional wedding, My husband and I, went to Registrar office to register our marriage. So technically, we were getting married for the second time. Our parents joined us to be the witnesses. Now, don't ask me how much we spent in our traditional wedding. I must say, it was quite minimal, as mine and my husband's family- both are generous and understood the hiccups associated with getting married big way. So we kept it simple and 'strictly close friends and family affair'. So, following the wedding, came the procedure to register it. Usually, everybody has this picture that the registrar office will take time, money and blah blah.

We took our wedding pictures and went to the registrar office. The office assistant asked me to fill a form. We bought the form for Rs 10 and filled it. After our parents signed the form as witnesses, he asked to fix a stamp. It costed us Rs 2. We did. After 15 minutes, we received our marriage certificates!

My father was still apprehensive. He was asking me if I need to pay 'some' amount. We were reluctant and confused whom to ask if we have to pay "extra" amount. But everyone was doing ones job. It is their duty to grant us a marriage certificate. And we got it. So, whom shall we pay extra amount and for what??? I said, no need to pay anybody and we left the office with our certificates in hand.

So, the total cost of the wedding was Rs 12. Probably, the least amount paid by any married couple and it is the actual price! So, next time, when you go to any "sarkari" office, make sure you pay the right amount. No need to feed the already stuffed mouths and rotten stomachs.

Be right and do right.