Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MIM- where I understand role plays

I dont remember the chronological order. But I shall try to put most of my experiences one after another. So here comes the most memorable one, which gave me a thump! Here it is...

As usual, I received an express interest in matrimony site and I responded. I never went by the looks, but certainly gave weight to education and current position. Oh yeah, I definitely did not wait to see 'if his heart is good then no need of good job' types! sorry...for me profession was equally important. So, I accepted this gentleman's request and after exchanging an email, we met on chat and the conversations started. after few minutes I asked him to send me a couple of pictures apart from those which were on the site. Then in seconds, I received an email with attachments which had some pics. after opening a pic, I almost jumped out of my bed. I was more than horrified to see a knife in his hand and asked him immediately why he is holding a knife as if he is murdering someone? He said, he liked that pose! wow, killer attitude...ahh??? hmm
It surely surprised me, but I still gave it a chance and continued talking to him. after nearly half an hour of conversations, we dint have anything to talk. The 'what else' state began and then instantly he asked me if I like to play? I was a bit skeptical as of what to answer...but I said, I used to when I was a kid, and now I hardly play, as it would not look good to do that on roads!

As a kid, I remember playing every damn game/sport on the streets and jump around and hide on the of trees too. I was more like a tomboy and adventurous and my mother had no option to stop me from doing so. I had this gang of girls including my sister, sans, and we would play with other boys in our street. From cricket to seven picks, I would play anything.

So after a round of nostalgia, his buzz brought me back to the present and made me realise how I missed everything. So, this super sports person asked me again if I liked to play! I said, no and asked him if he does. for which, he said yes and this is how our conversation went on

him: I like role plays
me: role plays? what are they? never heard of them!
(I only knew role plays as in theaters and I remember enacting the role of Meerabai during my school days! I was kind of happy for this guy as I felt, theater people surely have bundles of creativity and thought for a second that being from software, he still possessed the interest for plays and all)
him: well you don't know role plays? its like I am spaceship and you are alien....Am doctor you are nurse, I am the warrior and you the shooter...
me: ehhh??? what kind of game is this? is it something to do with PS3 or V?
(hardly I knew about playstation and V, but gave it a guess)
him: no, in real...
me: real? how do you do that? with whom do you play?
him: like with my gf...Oh I used to have gf..infact I had many gfs..but u know only one at a time! no two-timing..
me: (wow..what a big heart!) sorry, I don't know which plays you are talking about..

I was quite confused by this time and understood some miscommunication is surely happening between us, so I called my roomy and showed her our conversation. She immediately asked me to cut it with the guy and explained what such plays are!
I was totally shocked and could not take it further! whoa....you meet a girl for the first time and you tell your fantasies?
Thanks man, I am surely the wrong person to ping! Go ahead and good luck with your search!
Thats how I dropped a wicket and took sometime to understand the roles and plays! ahem ahem

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Men I Met- series

Now that I am married, I am very confident about revealing the great stories of my interactions with different men from different parts of the world. Yeah, for my great matrimony thing, I had the privilege (ran out of options) to interact with different men (read as aliens) who are born to interact with me and be part of this great blog.

my interactions mostly chats (and only once), some emails, some phone calls- made me realise that there are many different species in the universe. To start with, the bifurcation happens when homo-sapiens (Latin name for HUMAN) divides into MAN and WOMAN. then, MAN gets divided into intelligent, smart, dumb ass, frustrated, perverted, educated, fake, humorous, genuine, egoistic, and so on and so forth. The sub-divisions are like algae which keep on dividing and the more you are into them, the more you get to know about the variety.
I am dedicating this series to such men, who should seriously be banned and transported to pluto or some un-discovered planet.

well, I am not writing about men who I am still in touch with. yes, I met some real cute guys who are very good, now happily married and still find out if i am doing well.

I am only writing about those, who left foot prints (yeah they have so much dirt) and inspired me to start this blog. this is just an introduction blog. I shall not mention the names and places. I will only talk about my interactions and the jhatkas I got from them!

My hubby and I enjoy conversing about them, I explain him all the events in an animated way! So, I assume he will enjoy reading this blog (he, in fact asked me to write a book!) and you guys too!

And now the series starts.....