Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pros and Cons of social Networking

I just cleaned my friends list on FB and this one small thought triggered me to write a post on Pros and cons of social Networking. I know, with enlightening media, breaking news, experienced friends and other stuff, you all are aware of pros and cons. But, who cares, I decided to write about it anyways! So, here goes my anatomy.

I am not dividing the list, am just scribbling my thoughts. so, you choose which ever suits you the best!

1) We become public through social networking sites and if we were ever introverts in our school/college days, we can come out of that cocoon and be a public figure with more than a centurion friends!

2) we can write our mind. irrespective of the language code!

3) We tend to meet our old school/college/ neighbourhood/ not-at-all related friends. And we add them, and nothing happens after that! They are just lying in our list forever and we dont have anything to talk.

4) we get connected to some famous people and again nothing happens. Because, this time, we are lying in their friends list and they dont care to talk to us!

5) we can see whats happening in their lives, which has no productivity factor. Yes, we get absolutely nothing by peeping into their pics. Sometimes, we just sleep with pinch of jealous if the other person is seen enjoying.

6) We can do a 'peek a boo' thing on those profiles whom we dont talk with but still have interest on whats going on!

7) We can know about who is wedding whom/when/where knowing the fact that we are not invited and even if invited, we cant go.

8) we can put our pics of romance/ intimate things that have to shared only between the closest ones. But, anyways, we dont care, the site is giving us space, so we will upload!

9) we can support some faltu discussion started by an intellectual who has nothing to do in life except to trigger fights.

10) we get notifications of posts which we are not even interested in and we are never subscribed to!

11) we can play stupid games which help us in increasing our weight, eye sight and decrease our thinking abilities.

12) we can boast about our life and criticise/scold/ accuse others' if we dont like. In a way, we can use our fundamental right without any hesitation.

13) Random people add us and we feel elated that we are now important to those who know nothing about us.

14) some people think, its a shame if someone is not on any social networking sites and he is illiterate in the world of social networking!

15) there is no room for privacy and we dont care! afteral, everybody is talking about us!

16) sometimes we like/comment/ tweet/ scrap out of compulsion.

17) you meet a person in real life, you meet him/her everyday and also get connected through these sites so that you assure yourself that YOU ARE CONNECTED every moment.

18) we delete some people and we think we deleted them forever! As we lose the differentiating capacity of real and virtual life.

19) we don't realise that those who love us need no social networking sites to know us!

20) we drag and drop people into different circles thinking that we did something that we couldnot do in real life! placing them in different zones!

you can add some more if something comes up in your mind!