Wednesday, September 08, 2010

you turn me on

i know you love me so much
and i am always adored by you

we have been intimate and
the time we spent together is infinite

now its been 3 years
the love is same

but all i want you to understand is
i cant reciprocate my love so intensively

yet you turn me on....
yes you still turn me on.
your eyes penetrate my body and
i feel haunted

you work on me with your fingers and
each time you touch me,
i respond to you

the more you work on me
the hotness in me increases

i become hot, you make me hotter and i know, am the hottest
i start fuming and humming
hint you that, i am hot
yet you do your job....

and all of a sudden, i turn off

by- Lenovo Y500 (3 yrs old- about to die)