Thursday, June 28, 2018

Getting remarried

Renu Desai is engaged. 
For those who don’t know who she is, the news sounds like a regular statement of some woman getting married. 
For those who are close to her (her immediate family, friends, well wishers), she is looking at a new start, rather a restart with a happily ever after story. 
For people like me, a very happy news and a welcome change for someone of her standards who has seen it all. I am one of those women who fall into her category, aka bold, beautiful, smart, positive towards life, socially aware and yet mind our own business. 
For Pawan Kalyan fans- wait we have to divide them here. For many it’s a happy news that she’s considering a new start. But for some, she’s committing an unforgivable crime that has no victims and no repercussions. 
You see, I have a problem with this small section of people who are like that one drop of extremely dangerous poison that can kill the hope of entire society. 

Now, for those who don’t know who Renu Desai is, she’s a beautiful actress, talented director, a daring mom and just a regular woman who has a heart of a child. She’s also known as ex wife of Tollywood actor Pawan Kalyan. That’s where the entire issue haunts her. 

I follow her on Instagram and no, I don’t kfnow her in person and neither does she know I exist. But what bothers me is, for couple of days she’s posting status updates of people who are trolling/abusing/dissing her for getting engaged. Wait, isn’t her ex already married with 2 kids from the third wife? You see, Renu (I am taking the liberty to call her Renu) is still expected by these morons to stay single and never to be married. What is the valid reason?  In fact there’s none. It is what the society wants,  especially the moronic fans. 

The problem here is not her ex husband, neither is her fiancé. I am sure PK will be very happy and we need not be surprised even if he comes along to wish Renu and her fiance. You see, the problem is his certain section of fans who can’t tolerate the idea of a woman with kids getting remarried. These fans would have never spoken to their idol, but assume, expect and dictate the life of a woman who is remotely not related to them. This mentality largely exists towards many single women with kids. Our society just can’t accept that women, also need some TLC just like others and single moms are no exception. We need to change the way we look at others. We need to change the way we assume others to be. We need to change the way we want others to be. 

For last couple of days, Renu is fighting with the trolls. But it’s her profile and she has every right to allow who visits it. I feel she’s too nice to be true and to kind to exist. All she’s doing in her life  is, getting married. 

Let us all wish her a happy life ahead. Oh by the way, what she does with her life is purely her choice. 

God bless you Renu. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Postpartum blues

I didn’t know what to except when I was being wheeled into the theater for my C Section. 10 minutes into the room, the doctor announced that Baby was out. I was blank as I listened to her crying and had no idea how to pacify a crying baby. The next 4 days at the hospital went by in a glimpse. Visitors, nurses taking care of me, medicines to keep me painfree and the attention that I received from everyone- every second. After I reached home, reality dawned upon me. My struggles with the realization started from then. My body was caved and no wonder it’s called Rebirth of woman. I was as new as my newborn just that I could express my pain and while she couldn’t.

I didn’t know what to do when she cried. Was she crying for milk? For diaper? For burp? For sleep? For boredom? Or is there something else that I am unable to find out? Every moment was stressful for me.
On top, I had to breastfeed her and pump at the same time. I hardly produced any milk (read Here), and my breasts were hurting. It was as if someone chopped them with an axe and I was each time trying to put them together to work. It was very very painful. I would sit and cry while breastfeeding and cry more while pumping. I couldn’t bear the pain.

I was sleepless and any body that goes through the process of delivering needs rest. But new moms will never get rest. I was sleep deprived and it added fuel to my already struggling body. At times, I would tell my husband that I don’t need any of this and I wished we didn’t have to go through the process of delivering. Then in few seconds, I would take the baby and apologize for saying anything like this. I never understood what was going on with me until I told my friend and she said I might be having postpartum blues. She asked me to meet with support groups and see if I can feel relieved.

My husband supported a great deal by standing behind me. He told me to just take rest and sleep and he would take care of the baby. He assured me that I am equally important and so is my health and I shouldn’t be worrying so much. He told me that he is with me in this in each step. Those words meant a lot to me. I searched for tips on how to overcome postpartum blues and followed everything.
I stayed happy. I reminded myself that this is a bliss and the pain is temporary.
I promised my husband that I will take help and won’t hesitate to seek medical advice  if I feel depressed.
I constantly reminded myself that babies have no rule book and as long as we provide them the care they need, they will grow fine. We worry unnecessarily!

I came out of postpartum blues in couple of weeks. But ladies, postpartum blues and postpartum depression is real. If you feel you are going through it, then don’t hesitate to discuss with a family member and Dont hesitate to take help from your doctor. You are not alone and you are not the only one. Don’t feel bad or guilty. It’s not happening because you did something. You have given birth and your body went through surge of emotions. So, it’s ok to cry and when you think or your family member thinks you need help, TAKE IT. Seek medical advice if necessary. If you have given birth and went through that pain, then you can definitely fight the blues out 👍🏻

Wish you a happy motherhood. Hugs and love.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Traveling with an infant

India travel! 
Just like any other new mom, I wanted to travel to India. But my daughter was only 7 months old and I had my own concerns about traveling alone. As usual, hubby couldn’t take off for more than 3 weeks. So, either I go with him for just 3 weeks or take risk of traveling alone and stay for a longer period. I obviously opted for the latter. 

But surprisingly, my travel was smooth and I was home in less than 24 hours relaxing with my parents. Here are somethings that I did that made my travel very smooth. 

Planned packing.
Now that I have an infant with me, my priority was my daughter.   So, I focused on her stuff than mine. 
1) I packed a full formula pack and kept nearly 10 bottles handy so that I don’t have to wash them. 
2) diapers for 5 days. Yes, I packed diapers for 5 days and asked my mom to purchase a new pack in India. It saved my luggage space. We used huggies. It was easy for me to get the brand. However the sizes vary from usa to India. So I got two sizes of each and tried them. Yes, in India you can buy a single diaper!
3) Extra clothes for the baby. When we left NJ it was very very cold. But I knew it would be warm in Delhi (layover) and hot in Vijayawada (destination). So, I kept different types of clothes for her to make her feel comfortable. I changed  them according to the temperature and LO was happy 😃. 
4) Breast pump- I had to pump. So, I kept my breastpump in my carry on and pumped twice in flight in the restroom and threw away the milk. I sanitized everything and kept them  in a separate plastic bag for further cleaning. I had no choice but to pump. So, i was a bit relieved in the flight. 
5) swaddle clothes are very handy during flight journey. I used them as bedsheets in bassinet, blankets and to clean her body occasionally. 
6) gerber baby food. I bought different flavors of gerber baby food and my LO thoroughly enjoyed them. I kept couple of bananas too. 
7) medicines. I kept Tylenol, eucalyptus oil, mylicon, nasal spray handy. 
8) her favorite toys are a must. 
9) lots of sanitizing wipes

Meet your co passengers
I introduced myself to my co passengers and they were very helpful during my flight. I never gave my baby to them. But they helped me with my luggage, during boarding and deplaning and also gave me company during the flight. However I did ask them to keep an eye on my LO when she was asleep in her bassinet during my brief restroom visits only During the flight. 

Planned dressing
I carried my baby carrier and wore a cardigan with pockets. It helped me in keeping stuff handy such as milk bottles, passports, spoons, toys ets when in need. Pockets! Yes, they’re very very helpful. 

Less luggage as carryon
I ket bare minimum but essential luggage that I can lift. It was convenient for me. I had my diaper bag, my carry on suitcase and baby carrier with me. 

Sleep when baby sleeps
Babies are very fussy during flight journeys. So, it’s better to sleep when they’re sleeping. Power naps definitely help us to recharge ourselves. 

Quick meals
Now this needs some real talent. I kept my LO in bassinet and played with her while having my food at the same time. I had to gulp everything but still I managed to eat all meals and not skip as I need energy too. 

What not to do?
1) I carried an umbrella stroller with me hoping to use to in India. But there’s so much dust, pollution and heat that I never even opened it (at least in the place I stayed). And most of the times we used Uber from door to door. If I had to walk, i used my baby carrier as it will at least keep her 5 ft away from dust. 
2) Don’t give any new medicine two days before the travel. Consult pediatrician before giving anything. 
3) Don’t  warm up the babies with layers. 
4) Don’t expect them to sleep. You will only be day dreaming. 
5) Don’t Keep too many clothes as you will end up buying them anyways!

These are few of my suggestions and I wish you all a very happy travel. Bon Voyage!

Monday, March 05, 2018

The unwanted guest called - Gestational Diabetes

I Gulped the sweetest water ever , had my bowl of cereal and toast and drove to the doctor’s office for my 1 hour glucose test. I was very very confident that I wouldn’t have any gestational diabetes as I never ate even a grain of rice in last 10 months, never ate sweets, chocolates, ice creams.. literally nothing because I was never fond of them. However, the next day, my Obgyn called and told me that I am very much diabetic and need not come for my 3 hour test but need to see Maternal fetal specialist as soon as possible. The next few days were stressful in making appointments with MFM, buying a test kit and wondering if I can eat anything or not and eternal search on understanding what gestational diabetes is and why I have it?

I am a very healthy eater. I never eat junk/rice/sweets, never drink sodas, sweet drinks. But how on earth can I have GD? After I met with the dietician as per my obgyn’s order, I came back home crying in the car as I was very stressed out from what I heard in the sessions. I have to check every bit of calories/sugars/proteins/carbs that I eat. I didn’t know what they all were. I have to test everyday multiple times and send in the reports. 

My journey with GD started from that day. Poking my fingers 4-5 times a day. Checking every piece of food that I eat. Wondering what went wrong when my sugar levels fluctuated. It was very exhausting initially for a month. To top it all, I was both hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic. So, anything that I ate either shot my sugars to nearly 200 or dropped below 45. It was very very stressful every single day with every single meal. I was put on pills as my sugar levels were not in the range. 

Then I realized, that GD is something that didn’t happen to me because I did something or will not go away even if I do something. It can happen to anyone irrespective of family history. None in my family ever had/have diabetes. 
I am not over weight. Instead I lost lots of weight due to healthy diet before pregnancy. 
I am a very good and responsible eater. 
But still GD happened! 

So, I was put on pills to regulate my sugar levels and I maintained a very well balanced diet for the rest of my pregnancy. It took me many trial and error methods to figure out what I can eat and what not. How much I can eat and when. Being an Indian, it is tough to figure out the calorie/carb levels in my food. For instance, if I ate 3 idlies, my sugar levels went upto 150+. But if I made a pancake out of idly batter, they were within the range. I gave in for cravings once in a while and sacrificed other food to maintain the sugar levels. The ordeal was real. 

Downside of GD is, I was nervous all throughout to take any bite and wondered what will happen to my baby. 
Upside of GD is, I ate a very controlled diet and didn’t gain any weight. However, the weight of the baby was fine towards the end of the pregnancy. 

But strangely, my GD went away the moment I delivered. I was told it’s all the placenta that does the trick. 

So, ladies, if you have GD, Dont get stressed. You haven’t done anything for it to happen to you and you can’t do anything for it to go away. Just maintain a healthy diet and follow your obgyn/dietician plan. After you deliver, you will forget everything that you went through. 

Hugs and love. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The myth on producing breast milk

Now that my baby is 8 months old and I am officially eligible to have some wine without having to wait for any intervals, I have decided to break the myth on producing breast milk. 
I am a 100% supporter of giving babies breast milk. Having said that, I do not vouch for completely relying on breast feeding. To start with, I had C section as our daughter was breech. After delivery, I couldn’t produce any milk until day 3. So, we had to give our daughter formula. It was obvious that we couldn’t starve her to give her exclusive breast milk. 
After the lactation consultant came in and checked me, she said I had to use nipple shields. And she asked me to pump every 3rd hour to produce more milk. And I did it. 
But I was as dry as a well in a desert. For the first week, I could pump only 5 ml per session and it wasn’t enough for the baby. When I tried to breast feed, she would wake up crying for milk within half an hour. So, we figured, we had to rely on formula milk. I was pro formula too. There’s no harm in feeding babies formula milk when necessary. 
What mothers want to feed their babies is their choice. No mother wants to harm her child. And it’s her call completely. 
Whoever visited our house had to throw their two cents on how I should be feeding my daughter breast milk. I was already depressed about me being dry and this was nothing but adding fuel to my dryness! However, I took it positively and tried everything to increase my supply. 
There was a point where I used to gulp methi seeds. Take 6 pills per day to increase supply. Pump every 3-4 hours. Breastfeed every 2nd hour. Drink 5 glasses of milk. Eat very healthy food. 
Result- still had to give her formula milk because my supply was less. I used to cry my heart out and never understood why I couldn’t produce milk. I should thank my husband in this who supported me throughout. I realized that Certain bodies are different and no matter what we do, we cannot increase the supply. 
Sometimes I felt guilty and sometimes I brushed it off. It was a mix of emotions for me. But then, as a mother, I did my best to feed my daughter the healthiest of the food. 
Now, she’s 8 months old and my supply is completely stopped. Whenever people see me feeding her from bottle, they ask me why I am not breastfeeding her. When I tell them, I can’t, they tell me how women produce milk for 2 years and how I should eat healthy and continue breastfeeding her. All I do is just smile and tell them I am different. I don’t feel bad or blame them. I just feel they’re trying to help me. But there’s nothing I can do about it. 
So, my post is for those who are unable to produce milk- don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel sad. You are a mother and you will definitely give your kid the best life. 

It is good to give your kid at least some amount of breast milk as long as possible. But there’s no harm in feeding formula. And if your kid is not latching or if you have any doubts that you are producing less milk or your kid is not having enough milk per feeding, pump and feed. Whether it is latching or pumping, giving your milk is important, not how you feed. At the end, you know it well. 
And my heartfelt Salute to those moms who dedicate themselves to breastfeed. 
This blog is purely based on my experience and is completely my opinion. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

What should we learn from RIO 2016?

Ethiopia is a small country in the African Continent. The area of Ethiopia is somewhere around 426,371 sq.mi where as India is 1,269,346 sq.mi...precisely double the size of Ethiopia. Now coming to the population, by 2015, the population of Ethiopia is 99,465,819 and India by 2016 is 1,293,057,000 (source: Wikipedia). 

Let' stop there. Making it to the team of Olympics in such highly populated nation like India is really tough, considering the competition that one needs to face. But let us focus on the economics of the two countries. The nominal GDP per capita of Ethiopia is $739 and India is $1820, which again makes India higher in the number. 

Let us see the sports budget for each nation- Ethiopia has a proposed budget of $11 billion for the FY 2015-16 (read here). For India, the proposed sports budget is 1592 Crores (Rs) which is $15.92 billion (read here). So, when compared to this small nation of African continent, we are above in everything including the GDP, budget allocation for sports and you name it, we got it in our country. 

But, what makes me sad is, Ethiopia sent 34 players and out of whom, 8 scored medals and their total medal points is 12.
where as India sent 118 players and scored 2 medals with a total medal points of 3. 118 players means, the perfect team to set the records straight. But 2 medals?

WHY? WHERE did we go WRONG? 

I will not blame the players here. Because, the players shed their sweat and tried their level best to make it to the top. We have witnessed it in the games and we can't sit behind the computer or the television and blame them for not making it to the finals. 

But who is at the fault? I say the system. At least in my perspective, I was always told that education is the way to make it to the top. Whether I played or not, nobody cared. Whether I wanted to be in the arts or not, nobody cared. Whether I received good marks in the subjects or not, everybody cared.

Parents, school and the peer pressure, everybody is responsible. We brainwash the kids that education is important but never do we tell them to achieve in the field of their pursuit or interest. We fail to realise that even sports is a form of education. Excelling in physics or mathematics or tennis or music is the same. Not just least pursuing interest itself is more important. Not everyone can be a topper. But if the students are given proper encouragement or guidance, India can produce excellent sportspersons.

When small nations like Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Colombia, Jamaica and others can produce sportspersons and achievers, why not India?

We have abundant resources, freedom, democracy, liberation and every possible means to pursue what we want. When we look at the crisis of other nations, we should be thankful to be residing in a nation that gives us the freedom that we deserve. But in each Olympics, our hopes diminish. 

Every time, we make this resolution to build stadiums or playgrounds and provide platforms to the kids and by the year end, everything becomes a paper trail and vanishes in the shredders. 

Seldom do we see those stadiums becoming real. Let us just reflect on this and see what we can do to represent ourselves at least in the next olympics. 

My many congratulations to the winners and let us produce more players and winners. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

The wrong side of Feminism

Feminism- According to Feminism means- The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

Fair enough. Every woman and man should advocate for equal rights. I repeat- every WOMAN and every MAN. But when it comes to feminism, many people misuse and more than often, abuse the term. I am a firm believer of feminism. But I also advocate for men's rights; for, we all are equal and we all contribute for the existence. After all, we all CO-EXIST.

But, whenever I see many self proclaimed feminists, I feel scared and also pity their half baked knowledge of the whole concept. Let me explain you certain points that are voiced out by women very wrongly.

1) Male bashing-

Here, feminism is not male bashing. Just by thrashing men and generalizing or calling all of them as male chauvinists/rapists or abusers doesn't make you a feminist. No, all men are not abusive. In fact, just like women, many men suffer in their daily lives and struggle to make the ends meet. There are many men who also advocate for equal rights and respect and help us all grow. Generalizing doesn't make women heroes and it wouldn't bridge the gap. So, no, feminism is not about male bashing. When we talk about feminism, we should talk about bringing up women's rights, but not male bashing.

2) Body lovers-
I see many posts on how women are very comfortable with their bodies and how they want to voice out their opinions. Let me tell you my story. I am size 14, with love handles that pop up from my clothing. I do face comments from many people and sometimes, uncanny suggestions as why don't you exercise or go on diet! But hang on. I face these from women most of the times. And now, that doesn't mean that I have to go all public showcasing my body or exposing my love handles or flaunting my cleavage. If I wear a dress, I wear it with dignity and elan and make sure, I earn respect than shout out loud that "here is my cleavage and here are my love handles, do whatever you want". No. This is not feminism. Every woman is entitled to wear her choice of dressing. But she has to wear it because she fell in love with the dress and herself not because she wants to prove to the world that showing cleavage or love handles or extra muscle is ok. I PERSONALLY feel, it is wrong. I give compliments to random women on streets for how beautiful they are. Beauty should be seen; Not forced upon. If you have cleavage, show it with dignity, don't flaunt it force it on others. Wear a bikini, no matter what size you are. Adore and love your body, because it is yours. Not because, you want to shut others. 

3) Period mongers-

This is something new that is grossly emerging in the era. Women show up in bloody clothing because they are on periods and also to make it loud and clear that- it is ok to have them. Let me tell you something.
I suffer from Endometriosis. I have been having excruciating pain since I was a teenager and I have been vocal about it. I tell my employers and colleagues (male and female) upfront about how bad my situation would be during those 2-3 days of the month and how I need some rest. Fortunately, all my colleagues and bosses have been extremely good with me and always cared for me. I am talking about my life in India, a decade ago. Yes, men do understand that we go through pain. We need not prove it by showing up with bloody clothing. These are sensitive issues and men are definitely sensible enough to understand. Women are strong by nature and we need not prove time and again so loudly that, "though we are on period, we can achieve heights". A strong woman would never do that. She will silently make her path and for her painful periods are just passing clouds. I underwent multiple procedures in my life and nothing has stopped me ever. If I have to achieve something, I need not yell saying I am on period. 

4) Social media dysentery-

Many women take it to social media and stink it with their verbal diarrhea on posts about men. Enough I say. Just by using slang words or cursing certain sections of society by using your feminist attitude doesn't make you one. A true feminist will advocate for the rights and paves way for many others than show dead ends. Social media is a brilliant platform to voice your opinions and thoughts. 

5) Competitors -

Most of the times, we hear words are if given a chance, women will go ahead of men. again, this is not a competition bewteen genders. Feminists do not create wars or competitions. Feminists give opportunity and show paths. We are not here to compete with men. We are here to advocate for women. 

Let us not be those fake/loud/irrelevant feminists. Let us be responsible and sensible towards all genders. After all, we all co-exist and we need to understand each other. More power to all. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What's wrong with you news writers?

I worked in News papers, Radio and Television. I understand how we are time bound and can not afford to cross the deadlines. But just when we are under the gun to produce a 300 word write up because we need to fill the empty space or because it is our job, many journalists come up with random nonsense that doesn't deserve to be even penned down. One such recent write up that I came across is this. The article talks about a Telugu film Director who supposedly vanished from India and deserted his family and how wife is struggling to make the ends meet. Do you know what is wrong with this write up?EVERYTHING! This shouldn't be existing in the first place. Honestly, I do not know the director in person and no one associated with him. But when I read the news, my heart sank, for, the writer just filled in using his imagination and came up with this short film script jeopardizing the life of a Director and his family. Here are my thoughts about it.
VN Aditya- Pc- Google.

1) "VN Aditya deserted his family". Really? Did the wife lodge a complaint? Were the kids seen crying for help? How can one decide if a family is deserted?

2) "His wife recently vacated the apartment and shifted to a cheaper place, as they could not afford the rent". Did she tell you? And by the way, what's wrong in renting a cheaper apartment? There are presidents who were broke financially. Every person goes through financial crisis and need not always lead a lavish rich life. I personally know couple of directors who live on daily wages or contractual assignments. One of the directors I interviewed, in fact, sells fish to make a living. Not to forget, he is an award winning director. But he feels proud of what he does, because, he does it with dignity. Does it make him any lesser? Not at all. I started a column called "Focus Light" in ,specially to write about lives of such talented pool in the industry. If we write about someone, the piece should give life to the person, but not destroy his career or personal life. 

3) "Rumors in the industry claim that the director is not fending the needs of his family and his wife joined a school as a teacher"- His wife joined as a teacher? You know what, I salute that lady, who, instead of ditching her husband/kids during the financial crisis, owned it up and is fending for the family. You want to talk about women empowerment? Ask her to be the chair of your discussion. My respect has multiplied for VN Aditya's wife, because she must have seen the phases of richness, and now, she is leading this simple yet dignified life by teaching the generation. 

4) "The director was recently linked to a popular Tollywood singer". Now this is where, things get dirty and ugly. After deserting the family, throwing stones on the wife, the writer left no choice for the director and hooked him up with a tollywood singer. Let's assume, they have! How does it matter to any of us? I am sure, that singer might also be having a life of her own and this writer just toppled her life too in few words. 

If you, as writers, do not have anything to write, please do some research and come up with articles to benefit the society than write these pieces of junk and destroy families and hopes on journalism. 

Here is a fitting reply from VN Aditya explaining how his family is fine and the reasons for him to be in USA.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pretty much me

I like to jump. 
I like to run around. 
I like to experiment. 
I like to experience. 

I live every moment. 

I live moment by moment. 
I live my life, 
But I can die a happy death. 

I love myself, And I am not a narcissist. 

I love the free spirit in me, but I am not a freebie. 
I love everything around me, but I am not an extrovert. 
I love solitude, but I am not an introvert. 

This one life taught me a lot. 

My mind, my body, my soul. 
I am living my life. 
And I can die a happy death. 

Monday, May 09, 2016

Like Anne...

She wants to Kiss Peter, hold his hand, lean on his shoulder and look at the sky. Is it wrong because she is just 14? Anne Frank, in her diary describes the intimate details of her life with Peter that she shared in the Annex, the only tiny space where she found her world. Anne was this regular teenager who was exploring her body, her mind and her circumstances. In the age of war, hiding and tiny room to rest a body for few hours, Anne had this endless world of thoughts.

When I read "The Diary of a young Girl" by Anne Frank, my mind was racing with thoughts. In the age of whatsapp, messengers, emails and technology, we can't even spend an hour without communication. How did Anne survive in the hiding for so long? With 8 people around and a schedule to even use the toilet flush, how could she manage to expand her wisdom? At 14, I wasn't even sure what was happening with me. I was hardly aware of my world outside, forget about my body. But Anne, in 1944, unleashed an era of new age women. 

Now, coming to the point, Anne asks Kitty, her diary, if talking to Peter and holding his hands was appropriate. She also mentions how nice it was to have him around her and just be with him and look at the sky. Anne contemplates if it is good for her age and what if her parents come to know about holding hands. 

As I was reading this beautiful story, the last page abruptly ends without any warning. The end note mentions that Anne died in the hands of Nazis as dreaded. 

I felt very bad for Anne. She dreamt of becoming a journalist. She was an ambitious, beautiful, ferocious, romantic young girl. A Perfect amalgam of all elements to be a beautiful woman. But she died of a dreadful death that no one can fathom. But ,did Anne live her moments? I say yes. 

We don't know when our life will end. We don't know how it will end. We don't know if we can ever have those sweet nothings that we deserve. Like Anne, I have a rebel in me, who loves to live her life. In recent times, I started living it. I lived it. I believe in doing what I like and what's good for me. Being selfish is a different thing. But, knowing what one likes and fulfilling it, is something that we all are entitled to. 

Like Anne, I want to live my life. Like Anne, I want to explore my thoughts. Like Anne, I wish to become what I like.... if only I live- to live those!

Like Anne....