Wednesday, March 26, 2008

something worth watching

i watched the movie "The Bucket List". I haven't shed tears when i watched Taare zameen par. May be i was more into the technicalities of the movie. But bucket list left my eyes mositened. the whole theater was clapping after the movie. kudos to the actors and the director for making such a masterpiece.i learnt alot from the movie. i always believed in the fact that "tomorrow is let me live the day".this movie is all about that. i am not revealing anything about the movie here. i suggest one must watch it to know what life means and how to live it. i am also planning to prepare a BUCKET LIST for my life....i hope you will also do u all

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a beautiful moment of my life

the other day i was having lunch in our dinig hall when i suddenly heard the chirp of was so relishing to hear and i was like wow...finally we could hear some birds singing for us. my colleague also expressed her joy over the voice of the tiny lovely creatures which r rarely visible. but to our fury our happiness remained for just few seconds; when the voice suddenly dissapeared and a hard male voice took over it saying a blunt "hello". it was nothing but a ringtone in someones mobile. i felt ill. so the day has come when concrete jungles and technology has takenover the nature. the same day i have decided to get out of this mechanical life and take a fresh breath atleast for a day or two.

my gang gave a nod to the trip and after so many yes and nos we have boarded the train. it was highly uncertain till the train started and then there was no looking back. even the train journey was a memorable moment for us. we have forgotten that we were surrounded by many ppl in the train. we lived the way we wanted. enjoyed as if there was no next moment. it was a long never ending train journey as we were together each and every moment. we have not wasted even a single second and we lived it all through.

tulasi was kind enough to prepare food for us. her lemon rice and curd rice suppressed our apetites and her rotis with aloo curry were yummy. it has certainly added flavour to our trip. we slowly entered into the world of beautiful dreams. the cool breeze and the sharp and tender sunrays pampered us in the early hours of the day and we woke up just to realise that we need not go to our work place and have long hours to enjoy ourselves.

the first day in tyda was bautiful. though i have been relating myself with vizag, i have never been to tyda. this time that trip was awesome. the tyda forest was a feast for eyes. the greenary was strange and the creatures apart from humans were astonishing. we remembered our primary class textbooks where we studied about monekys, birds, and different trees. wo...the experience was awesome. the cottages were simply beautiful and we couldnot stop ourselves from satring at the beauty of nature for hours togetehr. there was no network, no landline, no TV and nothing. just the nature and ourselves. a splendid place to live ourselves. the sunrise and sunset were worth watching. we couldnot believe that we have been ignoring the bueaty all these days.

our masti had no bounds. we were crowd pullers wherever we went. let it be the stoppage at the railway gate, or the tulasi tiffin center at borra caves. we had no limitations. the perfect gang to hangout with. the long walk to katika waterfalls was never ending. when i saw the falls from the ground, i was not gonna climb this hill. but the enthu gang literally pulled me till the top of the cliff and i have realised how wrong i was...i would have missed yet another beautiful moment of my life. the icy cold water was another suprise for us. the guys could take a shower and we literally enjoyed watching the beauty of the valley. our journey resumed from tyda to araku and then we realised that beauty is never ending. it just need to be discovered.

the campfire and the karoke in araku were another relishing moments for us. all these experiences were worth cherishing. our trip to borra the next day left us keep wondering. the mysterious caves, ever flowing gosthani river and the never ending valley of araku...

i bet one should have such relishing and beautiful experince once in a year to rejuvinate. we had the pleasure to get back to our work and carried a positive energy.

i love my gang and am always thanksful for always being there.

a perfect gang, a good friend and a beautiful place to hangout...what else one need in life?