Tuesday, March 23, 2010

small but big

(name changed) with moist eyes and trembling lips was trying to stop her hunger pangs with her soft little hands. she was all alone in the huge crowd. though she was tired to move an inch, her eyes were constantly searching for some helping hand who can provide her some grains and bread to save her already dried stomach. while she was trying to lean on the pillar, a heavy hand held her from back and renu almost slipped her heartbeat. to her surprise, it was a smiling woman who had some food in her hand....renu's lips stretched for a bit and the lady was kind enough to provide renu with some food and water. little did renu know that in next few hours, her life was about to be changed. after finishing her meals, the lady took her to a small house, where she comforted renu with some clothes and allowed her to share a room with some other females. it was like a heaven for renu, who escaped from a hell called house unable to bear the torture by her father and step-mother. for this teenager, the new house is nothing but a paradise. as days passed by, one night, there was a stranger in renu's room. he was of her father's age but his actions were weird. renu experienced a new action in life where her body was explored by someone else without her wish and will. it was painful for her...the action continued for more and more days and there was no escape to her.

but it wasnt the same....one fine day, renu was rescued by an activist team, and she was admitted in a children's home. its been more than 3 years now. renu is now going to school. she has friends and she socialises with an ease.

after finishing the talk show, we all came out and i wished renu and her mentor. renu was gutsy enough to speak infront of the camera. after a lil chitchat, renu asked my number and said, "didi, you look so beautiful and you are so daring. i want to become like you...i want to become an activist and work for small children". it moved me bigtime. i planted a kiss on her forehead and hugged her and thought 'i wish i learn from you to be bold and fight out the odds in life. am nothing infront of you honey....you are much bolder, stronger and a complete fighter....salaam to you'

renu....a small and tiny head in the crowd, who is certainly a big dose of inspiration.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

an ocean called socialising

i was relishing cocoa shake with my childhood buddy Ms T, and was wondering why we are still single and cant find people around us. we are working women, surrounded by thousands of employees all the time, guarded by family, and pretty much on social networking sites. but deep down the heart, we knew, we are alone. we have our lunches alone, travel alone, have evening coffees alone and sometimes watch TV alone. a couple of conversations with my other girl friends made me think about my socialising skills. like me, there are many other female spirits, who are wandering in a state of confusion thinking what to do and where to go.

i feel, socialising skills are essential in everyones life. but then, not all the times. let me put it this way. i believe there are different phases in life. these phases become very vibrant when we r closing on our teenage. from 18 yrs, i say, these phases start actively. at the beginning, meeting new people is a sure shot excitement. we meet, become friends, sometimes it doesn't match..its like a mixture of emotions.

in the next phase, when we are in college, we keep bumping into people through common friends. it is also out of excitement and curiosity. college itself plays as a meeting hub and thus we are exposed to bacterial colonies called friends and thus the vibrancy starts. those whom we think are our friends become our worst enemies, those whom we neglect become our best pals and bla bla...this is a crucial phase, where people fall in love, end up getting ditched, or in worst case get married.

the next phase is the job phase, where we are exposed to more dirt called colleagues. bitching, gossiping, gender bias, location, language...everything play a vital role. parties, functions, socialising events make us meet new funny and strange faces. counters and encounters happen in this phase. after much love, sex and dhokas and consoles....
the next phase arises.
this is the point where we realise, we reached a saturation point and meeting strangers becomes boring. we don't feel like having conversations over coffee. we get bored talking about our lives and repeating the same dialogues of who/what/where we were. we develop-i don't care- attitude towards strangers and we hardly try for an image preservation technique. irrespective of whether we have our old friends near or not, we don't crave for sustainability in the relationship. if it clicks- well and good...if not...let it go...

on an average, a person meets 10-12 new people every year. and only 2-3 of them from opposite gender with whom he/she feels like spending some time. out of it, 1 or none remain pals for the next year and sometimes...even that person is gone.

it doesn't mean, we don't like socialising or we are anti-social. age makes us more mature/boring/specific and prioritis our expectations. rarely we come across such like minded persons...and our search goes on...and it never ends...

truly, socialising is like an ocean..the more you do...the more deeper you go!

Monday, March 15, 2010

tear drops in the corners of my eyes

tear drops in the corners of my eyes..
whether to shed down or dry inside
in dilemma of my personality
a very sensitive woman in me and the strength that challenges male ego

tear drops in the corners of my eyes...
the sensitive woman in me wants them out
emotions pushing them from my body
trying to vent the pain and sadness- blow out
a search for a shoulder to cry on
a warm hug to dry my wet eyes
a soft touch to stop the trembling of my hands...
i have no one....and want the tears to let out...
the drops still hanging in the corners of my eyes...

tear drops in the corners of my eyes
the strength in me is shouting loud
no...you have to deal it..
my boldness and vigor holding the tears back
asking me to fight the situation...
my shoulders are my support system
my dry heart is enough to evaporate my tears
i held my trembling hands and said loudly..
yes i shall fight it out...i shall not waste tears on someone..
i am bold and i am strong
tears in the corners are finally sucked inside

tear drops in the corners of my eyes
yes..i have not wasted them....
i fought on my own and stood out...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

some sitcoms

alright...after a break....am back into my social life...finally...after getting blindfolded for few days, am trying to flash some light into my life....guess what...its really good to have a dark life for sometime lol....
all these days, i wasnt much onto gtalk, yahoo messenger and ofcourse my favourite passion blogging. am writing here some sitcoms and hope you would enjoy them...these are personal experiences of my friends.....

she met him in airport and it was an instant spark between both of them. healthy flirting went on for sometime...a bit of shopping in the airport, a lil gupshup and after some bla bla bla...they decided to meet after they get down (they have no idea about their seat numbers). fate made them sit next to each other and the rest of the journey was just awesome...and as usual, the man was bold enough to say a bye after they got down and she was still in a hope to meet him.....
after a couple of months
her-hey how r u
him-hey am good...how did you get my phone number (i never gave you mine)
her- well you know...hehe...i got it...where there is a will..there is phone number...
him- awww..so tell me how r u?
her- am good...but whats that loud sound next to you..
him- oh yeahh...some plumbing work is going on....am getting my washroom repaired..
her- really? (i dnt care..but still) why??
him- well you know...i want my wife to be comfortable after she comes into my house
her- ur wife? r u married????????
him- no i will...
her- engaged?
him- no....we r searching for a girl stilllll
her- (grrrrrrrrrrr...i hate you) aww...chalo then take care byeeeeeee
him- ok..ok...take care bye
her- slammed the phone...
i still wonder is it a problem with guys or the girls...i am confused a bit

so this is another hilarious one

she called up a doctor to know if he can treat her friend at free of cost. apparently, he agreed and he treated the patient without charging anything...and my friend was showering thanks on him. strangely, the doctor and my friend never met and the phone call was the only medium of communication. the doctor's degrees, voice, generosity...everything impressed my friend so much...she was very much gaga over him and thought of meeting him over coffee...after a couple of days, my friend's friend (the patient) informed my friend that the doctor asked him and my friend to attend a party without fail...my friend was on cloud eighteen, as he invited for a coffee and....out of excitement she called up the doctor and the conversations went on...
her- hey..its me...thanks for the invite..
him- yeahh you should come...without fail..
her- sure sure..am so glad you invited me...where is it?
him- you know...so and so coffee house....will you come?
her- ofcourse ofcourse....but whats the occasion (dnt tell me you are giving a personal party for me..hehe)
him- oh....its babyshower...my wife is preggies...
her-(you have a wifeeeeeeeeeeee and she is preggiesssss) aww okk.sure..bye for now!
life is truly is surprising...but such incidents are refreshing!