Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frankly speaking about Rahul Gandhi

Frankly speaking, I did not understand why this interview took so long to happen. Rahul Gandhi (RG) is one of his kind. He is a master piece which was never seen and will never be seen. You see, I am a fan of RG in many ways. I will explain why-

1) He is a youth icon
At the age of 43, he is a still charming and is called a youth icon. While women who are 40+ are considered old enough, RG still proves that men, especially when in power, no matter how old, can be referred to as youth. Since 35, RG froze in time and will be a youth icon for another 10+ years. 

2) Excellent speaker
RG is very excellent in choosing words. His vocab is superb and he uses less words to express more. He talked about empowering women, changing system, bringing RTI and nothing else. He proved that there is no need to speak about something for hours to give wisdom. If you stress a word for 10-50 times, they will register in people's mind. He reminded me of President George Bush in this interview

3) He belongs to "this country"
We all talk as if we own India. When we give interviews, we say our nation, our country, Hindustan or India. But RG understood that India is not an individual's kingdom (kisi baap ka raaj nahi). He saw India as an outsider. You see, when we get out of something and watch it from distance, we will know what's wrong in it. That is exactly what RG did. In his speech, he was evident that he never owned our nation (see I am again saying "our nation"...huh). He addressed India as "this country"-Empower women in "this country". Change the system of "this country". He proved that only (as) an outsider can see "this country" clearly.

4) He knows who are innocent
RG made specific that the Gujarat riots killed innocent people. He stressed that the Gujarat riots' victims are innocent and the government of Gujarat is responsible. But doesn't say who were killed in 1984 riots and but says the then government, with Rajiv Gandhi as PM, tried its level best to stop the riots. He stood by what his father said. Well this is what his father had to say- Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as Prime Minister after his mother's death and, when asked about the riots, said "when a big tree falls, the earth shakes". See the details here

5) He redefined poverty
RG does not believe in poverty. He believes every one is equal. He redefined poverty by saying "It is just a state of mind". Read here. He is so true. Why UNDP has not come up with such a definition till date? Why there are poor nations? Why there are poor people? Why people die in poverty? Because its all just a state of mind. 

6) He knows what he is
RG knows himself. He knows what he is. He openly accepted that he is dangerous to the system. That is why people attack him. Now who will be so gutsy to accept that one is so dangerous to the whole system of a nation. Only a bravo like RG can! 

7) He loves his mother
Like his mother, RG is very international. I am sure he must have grown up reading God Father as it is close to his family. Well, I am just referring to the Italian bonding here. Like his mother, RG was pushed into politics without any experience. Like his mother, RG accepted a huge responsibility to run "this country". Like his mother, RG is expected to be the leader though he is unwilling. Like his mother,  he does everything because he wants to change the system of "this country". He loves his mother so much that I somehow located a painting in this interview, which resembles his mother. 

 (My interpretation of the painting - "Sonia assuring a poor woman that 
poverty is just a state of mind")

Now, I will no more prolong my blabbering about RG. Enough of my wind. I strongly condemn the interview by Arnab and I support RG. This interview is like asking someone about sambar recipe who always grew up eating 'frozen pizza'! Come on RG. We know what you know.  "You (are a) rock". 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Maid in India

(Image from Google)

Maids are powerful in many ways. Especially Indian maids. See, Almost 100% of upper class households  and nearly 70% of middle class households depend on maids in India. As a child from a middle class- employed parents- busy family, I have always grown up having a maid. I saw how our family was 'mentally disturbed' without a maid even for a day. My mother would go berserk. When I was working, I had a maid in my apartment, who would clean dishes and wash clothes and also clean the house. If the maid doesn't turn up, the house is a mess. So, having maids was not luxury. It  was a need. When I moved to the US, things changed. In this country, having maids is a luxury. Only the upper class families can afford maids! Now I have seen in some families where maids come once a week or once in a fortnight. Its not like India where they would come everyday! 

So, Ms Devyani Khobragade (DK), when being transferred/sent to US as a diplomat, could not leave her maid behind. See, even in the big household in US, its very rare to have live-in maids. One will find live-in nannies. But live-in maids is a rare case! But Ms DK couldn't leave the habit behind, so she brought a maid (made in) from India. As usual, the maid must have felt ecstatic. A free air ticket to USA, free house without rent, free food, NY trips and above all, 30,000 INR as income. What else can a maid ask for. She must have been envied in her circle by her peers. She must have been praised and applauded. She must have been hailed. See, even I never earned 30,000 INR when I was in India. I really had to struggle my way to get to that salary point. But DK showed her a life. 

But seems like things went weird. No one knows how this case just popped up out of blue. What political/personal/national differences are existing deep inside. I don't understand, why Attorney General Preet Bharara never targeted those millions of traffickers who illegally bring others into this country with fake visas and work permits. Why he targeted only DK? Only God and Preet Bharara know the answer. 

But what I am really surprised by is- Ms DK's case went so viral that the relationship between two nations is totally maligned! The relationship that lasted and continued for decades is now on turf because of a MAID? Are you kidding? Seriously?  What could have been a simple sit and talk situation now became so dirty that when I sit to talk with my friends, I am being asked one simple question- "hey what is this maid issue happening now?". Really? A maid issue? 

Now, today when I opened this article, I was totally shocked to see DK showing concerns about meeting her children. I expected some lines about how bad she would be feeling that two nations are fighting. But rather I am in awe while reading the lines on how she would meet her children when they decide to study in US. Really? I thought, you will have to travel across the globe as a diplomat and have your children with you wherever you go. Or rather you can always have them study/go to college in India. And DK is also mentioning about clearing the name in the visa fraud case. Hey....isn't her name mentioned in Adarsh housing scam? Isn't it necessary to clear the name in homeland first? Why a diplomat, whose name was brought up in a scam in India is never charged/questioned? Uff...looks like DK has to clean up several things without a maid now! 

Too many questions, too many situations, too many allegations, too many concerns- only one answer -
Have a MAID IN INDIA!  Not in the US especially when she/he is MADE IN INDIA! 

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

An open letter to Mohan Babu- The legend of Telugu film Industry

(oops...Did I just provide evidence for something???)

I think, Padma Shri (?) Dr Mohan Babu (MB) is truly a legend as he (self)proclaims. As old sayings say, one should realise one's own potential. MB did realise his potential- unlike other actors. In fact Many people were in awe when he received Padma Shri award. And I know many even expressed sigh of relief when High Court asked him to forfeit the award. But I do believe he is a legend. After watching this video, I dare those- who refuse to accept. Infact I can give substantial proof to what I am saying. 


MB started his career as a villain. He played extraordinary villain roles in 80% of his films. He lived upto the roles. He was just so natural that many people thought (me too..) he was not even acting. I was scared of MB as a child. I was so scared that  I never went to watch him on big screen. And even to this day when he acts! And I am still stuck to my resolution. He is one such actor in the industry, who thinks he is acting and he does! 

Telugu lover

You see unlike other heroes in telugu industry, MB truly stuck to telugu movies. You might think that he was never offered roles from might also think that he is not even known in bollywood. But I say- he loves telugu. He is so in deeply love with the language that he stuck to telugu throughout his life. The only other language that MB loved to talk/act was - the gibberish that he used pretty much in all movies. He even opened a school and included Telugu as a subject for all andhra kids and especially his daughter who finds it difficult to communicate/ talk Telugu. See the proof here


He continued his legacy. He has a legendary lineage. I came to know in early 2000 that telugu industry and critics said that MB's sons can't fit as heroes. They highly criticised their looks. They also went ahead by saying that they possess poor acting skills. But MB was a true father. He never let his sons down. He himself produced their films and encouraged them in the industry. Though he went bankrupt couple of times, in his heart, he remained a proud father who appreciated his sons when industry continued to dislike and disapprove them. He proved that looks and acting do not matter. All that matters is love and then legacy and lineage. 

Equal opportunity employer

MB always believed in equal opportunity in movies. From Annapurna to Charmee, MB believed in giving opportunity to every heroine. He believed in hard work even if that calls for slapping female casts! Many people misunderstand him as someone with ego and ruthless behaviour. But perception differs. Even BBC misunderstood him. See here

No casteism in movies

Finally, from the recent denikaina ready movie controversy, I started believing in him strongly. He proved that caste is no bar in movies. Even though he was criticised for insulting certain community, he re-attacked them, told them they were there to just seek alms and fought back with his supporters. Let it take little damaging to the community or the people, he did stand by what he said. See here

Finally, before I finish my blog on MB and stop showering my kindness towards him, I strongly feel sad that he was asked to forfeit Padma Shri award which is given to honorable citizens of India who contributed towards society in one or the other way. I know it is rude and against rules to use the title in movies. I know Honorable High Court knows more than anyone, but still, MB just wanted to feel proud of his award. Just like his life, he wanted to showcase what he achieved. The same movie, that created quite a furor, in his life also made him forfeit his award. He shouldn't have been given the award if he was to see this day. What a dishonor! But MB please remember, you have an ardent fan here- who also thinks you continue to act and continues to think you can act. 

Monday, January 06, 2014

Chocolate hero who meltdown without a notice

(Image from Google Search)

Uday Kiran committed suicide. The very first thought that struck me was, "Alas! he is killed". My eyes became moist and so are my mother's and my friends'. We were never his fans. But he proved that a common man can make it big. Yet, he took his life. 

But who killed him? He committed suicide. It is evident. Even forensics can prove it. But really? Is he that weak to do so? The news channels are screaming and yelling at their pitch that he died due to family problems? One news channel reported that he died because he is under financial pressure. Another one went ahead to claim that he has differences in his married life. But what I fail to understand is, where were these people when he was killed careerwise a decade ago? 

Uday Kiran is an epitome of any middle class young boy, who dreamt of making it big into film industry. Like NTR dreamt 50 years ago. Like ANR dreamt 45 years ago. Like Ramanaidu dreamt 40 years ago. Like Chiranjeevi dreamt 30 years ago. Like many other legends, Uday was a young boy who came into the tinsel town with starry dreams. With budding acting skills, critics' whips and fans' demands, he paved a path for himself. He went on to grab awards, dreamy roles and duets in beautiful landscapes. Amidst all these dreams, came the proposal of chiranjeevi's daughter. Suddenly the star was high in career and personal life. 

Overnight his engagement was called off. Which is a very personal reason. But what was more surprising was, his career plunged into a valley and disappeared into oblivion. What I fail to understand here is, why the career of a young boy, whose engagement was called off, is no where to be seen? What had happened was his personal life. What does it have to do with movies? Why directors and producers ignored him? Why the same film industry who once ran behind him for appointments, shunned him. Really? Like the film industry never supported heroes with girlfriends out of wedlock? Like never supported actors whose engagements/weddings broke off? Never supported heroes who were in news for wrong reasons? Really?

No one wants to speak. No one wants to accept that, he was a potential threat to many upcoming heroes who are part of legacies and lineages. He doesn't have a father/babais (uncles), mother and brothers from film industry to support him. The depressing part of the ordeal is, even producers and directors proved to be dumb, deaf and blind. The actor was left on roads.

The film industry is definitely not the only reason why Uday Kiran is no more. But definitely played an important role in ending his life. Ending his career. For conspiracy. For brutality.

Its been 24 hours since the news broke out. Not a single so-called ivy-league actor from film industry like chiranjeevi, venkatesh, nagarjuna, the nandamuris or for that matter, any hero of this gen has commented on his death. It was just Murali mohan and character/junior artists who are expressing their condolences. Why is this? Is he so unimportant? Not to forget that Uday Kiran was a trendsetter. He brought fresh air and new life to movies in new millenium. He paved a way for rom-coms in Telugu. He gave life to many young/new directors, music directors and heroines. 

May his soul rest in peace. May the brutal minds behind his career realise their mistake. Even if no one is ready to accept, deep in their hearts, they know, they were instrumental  in his death. Deep in their hearts they know they killed him. Deep in their hearts they know, they ended the dreams of a young boy. Deep in their hearts, they know they will continue to do long as audience hail their self proclaimed legacy. As long as audience are brainwashed. As long as audience fail to understand the difference between talent and blood relations. 

RIP my chocolate hero. I miss you.