Monday, July 27, 2015

Avantika is fine. She is not raped.

Before we write opinions of characters in movies and use strong words, we need to be quite mindful of the language we use. While the whole nation is highly intolerant towards words like Rape, Molestation and Abuse, how can we start using such words as examples to express our opinions? 

Off late, many videos and posts are making rounds on social media on how the character in the much acclaimed movie, "Bahubali", Avantika is raped? Seriously? Rape? Are we so short of words; that we use such strong verbs to express our anger? Or has rape become such household word that we just use it as replacement for every second word?

I don't want to discuss the character of Avantika or how her feminine side was perceived by her man or how she was smeared a natural dye on her lips to bring out the woman in her. As, I feel, movies these days are much senseless and if we apply logic to the characters and roles, we will fall in our own pits. So, I would rather stay away. Because, if I apply logic to the whole scene and romance between Sivudu, the main protagonist, and his lady love, Avantika, I need to evaluate the other scenes on how he jumped against gravity and reached heights? How a whole world existed uphill and people downhill have no clue on the earth? How beheading of people is fun? Many questions will be unanswered because they lack logic and common sense. 

My only concern in the whole episode is, instead of using strong words as Rape, the authors of opinion pieces could have just used "character" assassination in literal sense or something synonymous. 

We should remember that the nation is quite intolerant for many issues at this point and as writers of opinion pieces, we need to choose the words that we use. I strongly object the usage of such words especially while our blood boils when such incidents happen in true sense. 

And I personally feel, Avantika is just fine and she could have got more screen presence while Sivudu is taking charge. She is not raped and she is happy. Let us use dictionary and find some other words to describe her agony if at all. Peace to all. Save humanity.