Friday, July 24, 2009

are you a virgin?

"so you are a virgin..right?"
"excuuuuse me...."
'well i am just asking in case..if you are..then i can suggest a better groom for you"
"like a virgin male for me?"
"no...the elders were interested in it..not have been out of your home since a decade and you are a very brave/bold/enthusiastic girl (woman) i was insisting that you are not that type of girl"
"i think the signal is low...will talk to you later..bye for now"
i hung up and was wondering what people are upto? this is 2009 and you want to know if a girl is virgin before hooking her up with a man who is a sadhu and innocent (as they claim) ... just like the fresh one from mother's womb! come on give me a break!
what if i say 'yes i am' but yet am promiscuous...
what if i say 'no..i am not'...but yet i never had any relationship?
i obviously never mind if the guy (groom) have had n-number of relationships before marriage....let him be committed to me aftermath...even if he is interested in other girl after the wedding..i would certainly try to analyse the about it and try to save the relationship till the last string than make a fuss out of it!
but why men want PURE women? or do they really care about it? most of my male pals are very generous and i am amazed by the way they accept women in their lives...i was wondering how lucky their wives would be to have them as their spouses (or do they just talk but still mind it when it comes to action?)
virginity is for the soul...not the body! a promiscuous woman might remain virgin through out her life even if she have had numerous relationships and vice versa!

guys out there! if you still think you need a virgin female....forget it! even if she is...she would never want a man like you! trust me.........

Monday, July 13, 2009

artistic me

not many people know that am an artist (as in paintings)...i am dead creative and i can make you lose your hair (you will keep scratching it) when you see my work. I am truely amazing with colours and can paint anything and everything in red blue and green and sometimes black too. when I want to put white colour..i leave it intact!

let me share some stories of mine in my journey of painting....
I was in class 4/5 (i dont remember exactly) when my class teacher asked me to draw varieties of leaves....i could draw a leaf and it actually looked like a leaf...whooa...then my mom taught me to draw another leaf and till date I can draw it...I am so committed to it that I never ventured into learning the other kinds of leaves and the shapes...

Then I was in class 7 when I learnt how to draw a rose...till date i draw it as i saw it my super catching brain or my memory skills...i never tried any other flower in my whole life...eventually...when i draw a rose...people recognise it that its 'swats rose'

Then when I was in class 11-12, being a biology student, I was supposed to draw moving creature in this world..I still remember how I used to take traces of everything! lol...

then one fine day my biology lecturer put a test and asked us to draw different kinds of stems...i drew trunks and she put a big oval around a picture which is somewhat round in shape...when she asked me what it was..i explained her that it was potato (FYI- potato is a stem biologically)
she gave me no marks and i told her that potato can be in any shape nearing a cricle and i deserve marks for the same.....she never gave me any marks after matter how well i drew and made picaso jealous of me!

It was our zoology practicals...and again my zoology lecturer encircled a picture in my answer sheet. I tried explaining him that it was amoeba and it is shapeless (amoeba is shapeless unicellular bacterium) and he was not convinced. I yelled at him that i deserve marks at any cost as amoeba is shapeless and one cannot describe any shape to it...finally i managed zero marks and i was almost thrown out of my class... he didnot stop at that..he showed the pic to the whole class and I still have the grudge on him......grrrrrrrrrr

next comes this painting competetion by The Hindu people and i didnot even leave it....I went ahead and painted lord ganesha and lakshmi as a symbol of Indianism. I went to see the exhibit the next day....everyones painting was on display except mine...i was informed that some exclusive paintings were put on the table and the organisers thought that they were too exclusive to be included in the went along with my friends and discovered my painitng from the lot and my friends yet again remained puzzled after seeing it....gaawwdd..they couldnot recoznise lord ganesha....its just that his ears were not seen in the painting...creative me and dumbo them!

once highly inspired by a painting in my house..i tried to make a sketch of it and my dad told me that it resembled a transexual and asked me to reveal the true identity...damn..then i relaised that i am too creative and its just that people are unable to interpret my drawing skills...

i still appreciate all the painters in the world and encourage them. I know they can never reach my standards but as an artist I try my level best to let them know the standards of painting..Its been ages since I drew something...I shall do it soon and exhibit for you all...I wish it would be a feast for your eyes...

lately, this blog is inspired by my fellow blogger Mr Ramana
ramana is an average painter and I keep leaving comments while he paints...he was so encouraged by me that he sent me 2 paintings by post (Thanks a ton buddy)
Now am planning to leave comments on all of his paintings so that I can fill my house with his art....well before I do it...even you can do that..just click on his url...check his paintings and appreciate them and leave your address...the next moment you have a surprise in your house..what a bumper offer it is.!!!.hurry up...offer valid till the stock lasts...
here is his paiting that he sent me...i could not retrieve the other one! (ramana is going to kill me after reading this)

well you can also share your artistic I shall write about my other talents in my next blogs...keep reading....opppsss...keep painting...(people even say that I paint the city red sometimes...see there again I paint sometimes even without paiting) lol