Monday, March 15, 2010

tear drops in the corners of my eyes

tear drops in the corners of my eyes..
whether to shed down or dry inside
in dilemma of my personality
a very sensitive woman in me and the strength that challenges male ego

tear drops in the corners of my eyes...
the sensitive woman in me wants them out
emotions pushing them from my body
trying to vent the pain and sadness- blow out
a search for a shoulder to cry on
a warm hug to dry my wet eyes
a soft touch to stop the trembling of my hands...
i have no one....and want the tears to let out...
the drops still hanging in the corners of my eyes...

tear drops in the corners of my eyes
the strength in me is shouting loud have to deal it..
my boldness and vigor holding the tears back
asking me to fight the situation...
my shoulders are my support system
my dry heart is enough to evaporate my tears
i held my trembling hands and said loudly..
yes i shall fight it out...i shall not waste tears on someone..
i am bold and i am strong
tears in the corners are finally sucked inside

tear drops in the corners of my eyes
yes..i have not wasted them....
i fought on my own and stood out...


Arpita said...

hey Swathi, this is a very emotional poem............... liked yr word choice, its too good one, it says all abt yr state of mind.

Ramana KV said...

I have already been twice here and i lack words to say anything..
I see the pain that the poem depicts, i see the fight you put up.. I wish there was never that pain in first place.. I hope you are feeling better now..