Saturday, October 27, 2012

angel who went back to heaven

Her almond shaped popping eyes, just emerging nose, genuine smile and a face to die for- would leave an everlasting impression on anyone. When I saw her picture, I thought it was a hoax. Just like any other spam on FB, doing its useless rounds in profiles. But, when I saw it again, I did my bit research and damn- It was for serious. She was missing for 3 days and a frantic search has been going on! How did I miss the news? Was I sleeping for 2 days? Whatever, I laid my eyes on the piece and started tracking and praying for the baby's return. 

No, I am not her relative, neighbour and I am noway related to her. Like 1000s of others, I was also praying for her safe return. For 3 days I was totally swamped by her thoughts. What was  her grandmother going through before she died. Did she try to protect her? Did she cry? Did she try to fight? A poor lady who is baby sitting her grand child just lost her life. 

What are her parents going through? Grieving with loss of mother or frantically searching for the baby? How are they managing the hell that just fell on them? I just prayed and wished them some positive energy. Probably, the most that any of us could offer!

While I was sleepless and trying to update myself with any news in the middle of the night, everything changed with a small piece of news. 

Baby Saanvi found dead! 

My heart sank inside pumping the tears  uncontrollably and fueling my rage. But within no time, the murderer was also caught.  What a cold blooded heart he is born with. Does he belong to a cult called Cannibalism? May be! 

My heart went out for the poor little baby. I would not even let her walk fearing she might fall down while trying to move. She is one of those babies, whom you would want to talk about after meeting/seeing her in a mall and tell your family, how you saw a beautiful baby that day. She is one of those, whose face leaves an unforgettable imprint on your mind. She is one those whom you would fall in love in first sight. 


I will never forget her. She will remain in my heart forever. In everyones heart- FOREVER!

My heartfelt condolences to the baby. Tears and prayers :(