Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MIM- where racism is appreciated

In this post, I wish to talk about someone who talks like a racist but infact loves them! confused? even I was, but coudlnot stop appreciating his definition of love after few conversations. As usual, after pokes, interests, likes and hellos, we were chatting for the first time (may be last time too)!
He was a handsome dude with nice body shody and shaven head and a cute smile. i like people who have a tooth on a tooth! like Maushumi chatterjee (google for her pic). I always asked my mom if I can have an extra tooth on my front tooth. I found it very attractive and attention seeking character!
well this guy just has everything! he seemed to be pumped up with nice biceps and triceps and huge build! as I mentioned earlier, that I wasn't much into 'look at the body and then say yes' types. but who will say no to a well build man. and there he is with an interest in my profile and willing to talk to me! whoaa...seems like i have hit a jack'pot'

so our conversations started and i found out that unlike other NRIs, he is brought up in america completely and considers himself an american!
wait there, when you say you are an american, then why are you trying to marry an indian girl????
so i shot my question and our conversations went ahead like this-

him: well..nice question. I feel that Indian girls are traditional
me: really? can you define 'being traditional'?
him: you know take care of my parents, take care of home, raise kids...
me: oh..wont american girls do that?
him: they do..but you see indian girls are different! are not getting my point
me: oh..then explain
him: i have had lot of american girlfriends, but i wanted to marry an indian girl
me: ohh ( need american girl friend to flirt with and an indian wife to flaunt! grrr)( the hidden feminist/women supporter in me was waking up...)
him: so, i decided to marry an indian woman! and above all, my parents wont approve if i marry a white girl.
me: oh then why this particular community and caste? you can go for any indian girl?
him: oh my mom and dad are particular about it! mom says we find nice girls here
me: you mean?
him: you know indian girls do not have boy friends before marriage and they are clean
me: (i had a lump in my throat) you assume I never had a boyfriend?
him: well infact I dont care but you know I like their skin?
me: wow! interesting. now whats with the skin?
him: you see they have mocha skin and its very sexy. there is nothing in white skin. but mocha/brown skin turns me on!
me: aww....ok what if someone with mocha skin turns white after coming to US?
him: oh no..they can't. you see they will retain their color throughout...and I love to have someone with that skin. I had white girlfriends....and there is no fun!
me: i think my internet connection is going off. will catch ya later. bye for now!

and I never got back to him! for sometime, I felt like I was a coffee shop and someone is trying to order mocha with extra powder! I couldnot understand if he was making racists remarks or appreciating me! whatever, I gave him the liberty to search for more 'mocha' girls!