Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reservations? What for?

Why do you need a reservation? In trains, buses, planes, we need it because there is too much crowd and we want to secure our place. But it is not competition where your talent is tested and you are selected. So, how does this theory apply in Colleges, jobs and other places?

India is a Secular country, accommodating all sections of people. There is a huge competition every where. But why does one need reservation in Educational institutions, Jobs and for that matter in leading the nation- politics?

How does a religion, caste and sect rule these things? We are in 21st century where every person travels in the same train/car/plane and sit next to each other. We hardly care who our neighbour is though we own the apartment and live forever. Then why on the earth do we have to know or care about which caste/sect does a man belong to? When there is no discrimination about caste system, why does one need a reservation based on that? 

Let me tell you my own experience in life. My classmate who got a worst rank in the entrance exam, paid no fee, traveled to classes in a car and wore the best clothes, ate good food and lived well. She paid no fee because she is born into a particular caste/sect and she doesn't have to bother about her brains, knowledge or skills.

But, I was holding good rank, yet paid fees, walked for a long distance as my father couldn't provide for Autos or personal vehicle, took lunch box to the college as I had no money to buy food. I am not jealous here, but I am angry on why this discrimination? If at all there is competition then why can't it be fair and healthy? If at all there is reservation, why can't it be based on the economic/financial status of a family? How does caste/sect rule the education system? What kind of Justice is this to poor families?

I am scared to go see a doctor or consult a lawyer or get my house built by an engineer who studied on a reservation seat. How can I trust the medical skills of a doctor who got some 100000 rank and still managed a quota seat? What knowledge does he/she has?  I feel pity for those poor families, who can't afford to study despite having knowledge and skills.

It is a shame on us to accept such seats even in this age, where we fight for equality on a global platform. Let it be a fair and healthy competition. Fight for justice. Grow up!