Friday, June 26, 2009

kiss of her life!!!!

the cool breeze was flowing through her cheeks and her hair strands were giving her a tingling sensation...she was in deep sleep and then there was her man of her dreams...he moved the hair on her forehead and she was yet to believe it...he slowly moved towards her..her heart was beating at jet speed and she could literally hear the sound...he drew close to her and she closed her eyes...he slowly kissed her on her cheek and she made a jerk...thats it...she opened her eyes and there he was sitting next to wasn't a dream at all...the kiss was real...she sat straight and stared at him...she was sweating...he asked her how she felt about the kiss and she jumped out of the bed...he came closer and held her from back...she is now about to die...the moment was romantic enough for a teenage girl on a breezy cold winter night...but it wasnt for her...she moved out of his arms and rushed into another bedroom...locked herself inside and sat on the floor...

it was a kiss...a kiss that she never was a hug...a hug that she never wanted! tears were scrolling and she had no one to speak to...for she knew she was being sexually attacked...the man is none other than her uncle whom her father trusted and asked him to take care of this little girl.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Love you Arpita :)

Friends happen in life and one such friend of mine who has been my inspiration and motivation and my source of happiness is undoubtedly -Arpita. this little cute buddy of mine always reminds me of my confidence and tells me how important life is. she taught me to stay happy and thats how i learnt to live life to the fullest. here is a small gift from her...i received this email in which she mentioned that its a poem written by her for me!! and i must say there is a hidden poet in arps which is not known to many people.

Love you arpita. I am proud to have known you and be with you.

Maine tumhe karmo se paya,

Ab nahi hai tumhe khona.

Nahi milti dost tumhari jaisi,

Jo ho bilkul pyari, ma si.

Guzarish hai rab se hasti raho tum hamesha,

Rona pare gar tumhe kabhi to, khuda se hogi bari ek khata.

Paao tum har vo khushi, Jiske lie dunia tarastee.

Mile tumhe kamayabee , ye sapna maine dekhi.

Tum ho khuda ka noor,

dostoon pe chaya rehta hai tumhara suroor.

Dhartee pe aayi tum pari si,

Rehna hamesha foolon si mehki mehki.

Mehfil ho soona tumhare bagair,

Aaye nahi raunak tumhare bagair.

Ma ki pooja ka fal tum ho,

Tum aayi dharti par hasane har kisi ko.

Arpita. 10.25 p.m

Thursday, June 11, 2009

how to stop nightmares!!!

he- she says she misses me....awww
me- really? wow...whats happening
he - nothing much..a recent friend of mine...
me- awww..sort of love?
he- naa...but she misses me...
me- oh..really?
he - nothing ya..she says i should come back soon...seems she is having some nightmares
me- like what?
he- like..something wierd is gonna happen to me...
me - hmm
he - should i bother about it? she says that i should take care...
me- hmmm
he- i am also worried...will something happen to me? she says its been like that for a while now....
me- hmmm
he- what ya..say something na...
me- ask her to sleep less....

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


rockingman met angelsmile on a matrimony site. they exchanged emails and decided to meet online. and they met...

rockingman- hey nice to see you here..

angelsmile- oh yeahh...same how are you doing?

R- yes am good and what about you?

A-swimming through recession ..apart from that life is cool

R-let me tell do have a great smile (flirts)

A-(blushes) thank you ...thank you..and i guess you must be a real macho man!

R- (feels great) so may i ask you where you work?

A- oh yes...i work for xyz company at so and so place..and what about you?

R-I work for ABC company at so and so place...hey my cousin also works with xyz company at your place

A- really? wow...then i can meet her and know more about the way..may I know your good name?

R-ladies first..

A- oh..hmm..well am called as aditi mishra.

R- which place are you from?

A-so and so place...

Rockingman logged off instantly and never turned again...and for angelsmile- he remained as a mystery....

the only secret that rocking man knows and would never reveal is that ..angelsmile is his cousin... he was talking about!!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

steps of failure..climb them...

many people fail...and they take failure as a stepping stone of success...i call them new age phoenixes! whoa...they discover the new steps and achieve heights!

but some people fail and fail and continue to fail no matter how many steps they it possible?

i guess yes...
here i call it steps of failure!

i would give anything in this world if any of you can climb these steps and say 'you are successful'

Friday, June 05, 2009

go doing nothing

world environment day again. june 5th always excites me as my identity is very much related to it! yeah as an environmental journalist i bug and dig people most of the times and ask them to go green! how about doing it now...i know it sucks to even think about compromising and sacrificing our interests to save nature..but how about not doing anything yet saving the planet???
here are some tips which could be adopted by anyone at anytime at any place!!!
1) washed your clothes and you have tons of water in your bucket???...wait..dont throw into the gutter..use the water to flush your toilets...there you go...reusing your water...see how simple it is...
2) washed your vegetables and throwing away the vegetable waste? wait hero....put them in the simple as that
3) how about buying a gen-x jute or cloth bag and wearing it across your shoulders while your goggles are on!! you look like a dude /chic...i bet go for shopping and dump your stuff in it...dont carry polythene.. you look smart when you have cloth or jute bags in your hands than those branded polythene bags!! think about it honey
4) have you ever thought of having a well lit room? trust me and try this...switch on the lights only in the room that you are in and let all other lights and fans sleep (not at the cost of other people in the house) now see how well you glow in your own room...dont you think you would be saving lot of electricity??? think think..
5) decorate your balcony and corridor with small plant pots and flowers....see how beautiful it would wont cost you more than 100 bucks..but definitely gives you million times of happiness..
6) whenever you open the tap..imagine you are using your credit card! i dont think you are dumb enough to over use your credit card!!
how about taking an oath to do all these stuff or atleast one of them? be at your home and save the planet!
GO GREEN...........zoooooom