Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gharelu swats......

what is it like when you are too lazy to do anything..i have been ...since a month....situation made me jobless and i bet i had the best days of my life. thanks to the fast growing cholestrol in my body, i grew up few inches diametrically and lost a bit of unwanted tan...took care of my hair and skin which i never did in my life time...and added to these, i started cooking as well...guess what????? i started making desi rotis from those "continental" ones and now i manage to make them something nearer to circular (though u can find some angles here and there) and burn them with just small black polka like dots and not those usual black islands...which almost resemble craters caused by meteors and asteroids..see what an improvement...
and now i cook varieties of dal with different combis and almost all curries...and became an expert in rasam and sambar...my dad is appreciating me..thats enough lol...
apart from these, i am watching daily soaps......i dont remember any serial that i followed after jassi jaisi koi nahi..now i watch "utaran, jaane kya baat hui and baalika vadhu...and ofcourse nach baliye, chote ustaad, dancing queen, mtv roadies and some movies on HBO and telugu and hindi flicks...finishing the movies which i missed in life time...huh....i also got new spects with increased eye sight...now i look far more beautiful in the new black- grey frame...lol lol....
redecorated my house and became a maid in my own house..from feeding fish in the aquarium to cleaning the washroom and ceilings...i am doing everything.. (i never knew..half of the city's dirt is in our house) huh....and in the process discovered some new but dusted books which were covered by something called mud, sand and what not...so finished, chicken soup series, and everything happens for a reason and half of upanishad kalpatru...yeahh i am reading some spiritual stuff also..now i eyed on jane austen and reading sense and sensibility...leme finish this...
and guess what ???? i developed interest towards music...wait wait...not bollywood and telugu stuff...i am talking about angrezi and pardesi beats...yeah earlier i was just aware of brazilllll lallaall...and everynight in my dreams...now i listen to angrezi and also downloaded arabic, japanese, spanish, konkani music and enjoying every bit of it.. (for god's sake dont ask me to sing..)
now i call this as life...what else should i ask for...and hold on..i have something else to say...but not now.......wait and see.........lol....ok ok..let me get back to my hobby now...time to enjoyyyyyy.............byeeeee

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

swats' century

millions of thoughts..trillions of words....some new friends...very strong fights...some mischevious..some very serious...some stupid.....and some naughty....colourful.....colourless...frustration..love..friendship....opinions.....relationships..breakups...
my blog has been my best friend ever and i always felt as if i possessed it..now i crossed 100 postings and i feel it as an achievment in my own short sweet cute and very beautiful picture perfect world...
100 postings and different hues...but only one blog... thats my blog. one and only- www.swatsblog.blogspot.com

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

some unknown face in the crowd

which class are you in?
whas your score in the class
above 50%
whats your name?
why are you working here?
there is no rice inthe house. so working to earn money for the day
for how many hours do you work here?
from 4.30 pm to 12.30 am
how much are you paid?
Rs 40
do you often work here?
no.sometimes when we have nothing to eat
hows the work?
when there are customers..work si heave or else its ok..
does anyone beat/ scold you
at what time will you back home?
will you miss school tomorrow?
no i will get up and go..
do you need money for school fee?
no ours is free..
Krshna is just another tiny tot wth a slender body and an innocent face, who is trying to make the ends meet in his family while going to the shcool......he is genuine enough to say that he doesnt require money for fee..i assured him and gave him my telephone number to call him in case of emergency..i wonder if he would ever call me for anything...but i say...honesty is still exisiting... (am sorry i couldnot stop child labour here..i only fought with the owner of the hotel and he asked me to file a police complaint against him)...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

where are men?????

where are men??????? i wonder where are men????
all good men are either married or engaged or taken away or too old to date or short in height...ufff
where are men??????? i wonder where are men????

Saturday, December 06, 2008

friendship rediscovered...

"make sure he finishes his whole lunch and doesnt leave anything" said J's mom and packed the lunch box. i went downstairs with him and got into the rickshaw...this happened for 5 years. we played together, flew kites on the terraces, hide and seek in our whole locality, did homeworks together, prepared for exams without any competetion...J's home became my second home. since i missed my mom every evening, J's mom almost became my second mom. while my mom filled my breakfast plate with idli and curd rice, J' mom fed me with bread and jam..i had two homes and our friendship blossomed like fresh garden...we never fought and neither did we realise that anything could seperate us. one fine day J told me that he was going to his native place and would meet new friends and study there...i was equally excited about the whole idea and never though that I would miss him....finally during our summer vacation, J's family left for their native place. this happened in 1992 when I was too young to discovere my emotions and felt that friends are like that and being a KVite, it was quite obvious for me that no classmate of mine would stay for long...
time passed by and slowly, i grew into a teenager and then a woman...but J has been in my mind and never forgot him...i felt his absence and always wondered about the unseen yet felt emotions...with the invention of internet, I searched for him desperately in every possbile way. I checked each and every nook and corner, posted wanted columns...searched the BSNL landlines and what not...I failed by all the means...now its been 16 years yet his memories are fresh...i always thought of him as very smart boy who wore neatly pressed uniform and was highly organised. ... i always wondered, how he would look like...
thanks to orkut, i could locate J's kid brother whom I knew as the 4 year old kid then...and thus i discoevred J as well...i called him up and for almost minutes together we were just sobbing and nothing else... both of us knew that we missed each other so much and we cannot compensate these 16 years at any cost...now finally I met him...i remember him as the shcool boy..but J is more handsome now..he has all the charisma in him and i realised, He is the most handsome boy I have ever met in my whole life....J, who is a techie now is still the same old school boy who is very down to earth and kind to everyone...he is a complete man now...i couldt not believe the moment and both of us wished we could go back to our shcool days and relive every moment...
J, who has always been in my mind will remain my bestfiend forever...he is one of the few men whom I loved from my heart and I know we would never miss each other at anycost...
J is now getting married to this beautiful girl and I wish both of them very good luck...friends like J are the best example of human relations where- "though the relationship is unseen and absent, emotions are always understood and felt"...
I would never miss you again J....love u...

Monday, December 01, 2008

a letter to my soul

Dear Soul,
I consider you as my best friend. You have been with me since my birth. It was a long life journey with you where you showed me the right path...you are so true and so genuine. your transparency taught lessons of life.
When i was a kid, you patted my shoulders and encouraged in every step of mine. you made tough exams easier and never left me in the mid of crisis. i have always banked on you.
when i was a teenager, you made me realise -i am unlike other girls. i might not be as beautiful as other pretty girls in the college, yet you gave me a shape that was always adored by the near and dear.
when the storms were my way, you taught me how to swim against rather than run away.
when i was falling and thought of leaving my body, you convinced me to stay back and gave me a rejuvinated life filled with an understanding and maturity.
When I was in the transition phase of becoming a woman from a girl, you sustained my confusion. you always answered me when i was smothered by questions. you are my first source of compassion which i can trust upon. you assured that you are always right and can never be wrong in any which way.
but i must confess that i have been trying to run away from you. i ignored you for bad and now i repent. yet you stood by my side. your patience made me realise that ' ours would never leave us'.
i might not be as beautiful as other dazzling women of my age, but u gave me the inner beauty of which many are jealous.
i might not be having all th eluxuries in this world, but you gave me all the comfort that i need.
i might not be in love with anyone..yet you made me love everything and everyone in this world...
you filled my heart with love and compassion.
I am beacuse of you.
my dear soul, you were with me when i was born, i know you will be with me when i reach mortality, yet you would wander around in this heavenly world replenishing the joy of life...
my dear soul, i love you so much and thanks for being with me...