Wednesday, April 30, 2008

language problem!!!!

how well versed are we with our language? am not sure...i guess i am ok with hindi, english and my mother tongue, telugu..but what happens when we are assigned to do something in an alien language which is completly new to us and we are forced to work on that...
this is what happened to lavanya, my friend. read it in her own language.. she commented to my write-up on "confused cow" i am pasting it as it is...have fun!!!!!

Its never too late to comment.I never been to blogs or such but wen i saw yours its quite intersting and this cow episode, really the most funniest .I have one to share too, but that was written by me when i was in 2nd class(kashmir).I was asked to sit and write urudu test in school because they didnt know i was hindi subject student and my class teacher wasnt their to rescue me n the substitute teacher wont listen ,so they just handed me a paper with something scibbled on it, i know its Urudu but dont knows what it meant.I was just staring at the paper and turned and saw that everyone were writing seriously. I felt bad , then the teacher who handed me Question paper came, she saw that my answer sheet was blank and asked me to take help from anyone.I was very happy i asked my neighbour what this Urudu scribbling meant , she said its "Write Essay on Cow".I was relieved now i know what it meant .Again that teacher came to me and said cant you write such an easy essay, i tried to tell her i amnt urudu student but she didnt buzz, she was like "WRITE Something".I got angry on her and creative mind started working..if she wants soemthing she is going to get that.I know wat those words meant i started writing my own urudu while jumbling those words..i invented so many words dont ask me , everyone wrote just a small paragraph but i took extra sheets and filled them with my language. That teacher thought i was writing an eassay and said now your mind is working..i said proudly "YES". After a day after test my dad got notice that pricipal wants to meet him.My dad went in to the Prinicipal's office i was outside..after few minutes i joined him ..i was so scared and was crying. When i went in both principal n my dad were laughing so loudly. The prinicipal told me that i wrote the most fantastic Essay on Cow even wen i dont know Urudu. (hehehe)psst:Sorry its very elaborate!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

being a pillion rider

its always a cool feeling to be the pillion rider and enjoy the fun being on the bike while the driver gets all the pleasure to bear the traffic nuisance, the flowing pollution and the confused signals. i am a bit lazy to drive on heavy traffic roads; so havenot got a bike till date. hopefulyl i will get one soon.

so am writing this bike as a pillion rider. you know what? we can actually do a research on experience of the pillion riders and the bikes. woooo man...i guess someone would get inspired by this..

let me start with the gearless bikes. the small bikes like scooty, spirit and sunny are very convenient and my long legs are always there to avoid any accident. yeah..i can very well balance and also support myself (and then the driver ofcourse). big bikes like dio, activa and nova are a bit difficult. though i get the feeling of smooth ride, i am scared a bit when i am amidst the traffic. bapre,.....the fast moving buses and autos are so scary..they just dont care who is next to them.

now i reveal my experince on DIO, driven by sameera (my colleague). she is smart and so is her machine. when i seat myself on DIO, i get the feeling of being on a space rocket. my legs are far above the ground, no support for my hands and the broad seat of the vehicle where i cant even imagine my body being together. now when she ignites the vehicle and accelerate it, i am very much in the air. the rocket speed driving and the rocket like position gives me a feeling of extra terrestrial ride where i have no support and i am being taken to the high skies and i can fall at any moment. my heart skips whenever i see her zooming between the two buses close enough to get friction. i dont believe my eyes when i pass between them and realise that they are left behind. the dividers are no stoppages for her and i always scream at my pitch when she surpasses them. should actually get this experience and have a free ride to the mars and venus and other astronomical bodies. tired and i need a break.

i shall discuss about being on the guys' bikes ones i get complete experience. i am very nascent in describing it....take a break and be a pillion rider to get the feeling...........

Friday, April 18, 2008

its HOT..........sssssssssss

yeah i mean...its hot..damn hot...i am saying it in Kareena kapoor ITS HOT...haaaa

just go out on to the roads after 11am. u can feel it,,,u can enjoy it....this is just mid april. skin is burning and throats are becoming dry....the mercury level is rising at its best and i feel MAY will be sweeter with the screaming sun.

god...i just got roasted on the roads and now balancing my head underneath the AC machine...thought will remind everyone that we r gonna have tough days soon...

thanks to less trees, huge pollution, and whatever!!!!!!

enjoy the torture..............

Friday, April 11, 2008

something worst than hell....

oldage homes have always been one of my favourite holiday spots. Since a decade I have been visiting such homes and spending time with the innocent elders where I can get some genuine smile and true hellos and his.

its been a logn time since i have been there as i seldom get time here in this dirty metro. thanks to tony who wanted to donate some clothes on behalf of his company. I had a chance to visit one such home a couple of days back.

i am emotional but not at places like these where i know i have to be stable. no point in shedding tears infront of people who need your shoulder. so i have always maintained my calm. this time i was with tony, his colleagues and tulasi.
as i entered the firsth room of the home, these 3 ladies were sitting on their beds. the first one held my hand and wished me...some how my eyes became misty...but still i was stable...she started speaking to me as if she saw her daughter after a decade....she was as cordial and warm as my mother...and then she said that she misses her 5 daughters and 2 sons very much... hold on deary... i was like..u have 5 daughters..and 2 sons? and what r u doign here? where r they?

the answer from her which revealed the facts that all of them are in hyderabad and are very BUSY and have NO TIME to take care of her left me in a come someone has no time for own parents? how can some one leave them in oldage homes just because they r paying Rs 3k bucks per month?

i was taken aback....what will be my situation at this old matter what i will never leave my parents.....let it be any one in my family...i shall run an oldage home and accomodate all my relatives ...but for god's sake i will never leave them..

just imagine how it would be...the urine bags attached to the body, the legs and hands not supporting to move...the scheduled meals depriving us of our taste buds, the public rooms with 3-4 more people in the same situation and the loved ones sending the timely cheques and visiting us once or twice a month....dont you think its worst than hell? i feel so....

Ps--I am not calling oldage homes worst..but am calling the life sans loved ones the worst...