Monday, May 09, 2016

Like Anne...

She wants to Kiss Peter, hold his hand, lean on his shoulder and look at the sky. Is it wrong because she is just 14? Anne Frank, in her diary describes the intimate details of her life with Peter that she shared in the Annex, the only tiny space where she found her world. Anne was this regular teenager who was exploring her body, her mind and her circumstances. In the age of war, hiding and tiny room to rest a body for few hours, Anne had this endless world of thoughts.

When I read "The Diary of a young Girl" by Anne Frank, my mind was racing with thoughts. In the age of whatsapp, messengers, emails and technology, we can't even spend an hour without communication. How did Anne survive in the hiding for so long? With 8 people around and a schedule to even use the toilet flush, how could she manage to expand her wisdom? At 14, I wasn't even sure what was happening with me. I was hardly aware of my world outside, forget about my body. But Anne, in 1944, unleashed an era of new age women. 

Now, coming to the point, Anne asks Kitty, her diary, if talking to Peter and holding his hands was appropriate. She also mentions how nice it was to have him around her and just be with him and look at the sky. Anne contemplates if it is good for her age and what if her parents come to know about holding hands. 

As I was reading this beautiful story, the last page abruptly ends without any warning. The end note mentions that Anne died in the hands of Nazis as dreaded. 

I felt very bad for Anne. She dreamt of becoming a journalist. She was an ambitious, beautiful, ferocious, romantic young girl. A Perfect amalgam of all elements to be a beautiful woman. But she died of a dreadful death that no one can fathom. But ,did Anne live her moments? I say yes. 

We don't know when our life will end. We don't know how it will end. We don't know if we can ever have those sweet nothings that we deserve. Like Anne, I have a rebel in me, who loves to live her life. In recent times, I started living it. I lived it. I believe in doing what I like and what's good for me. Being selfish is a different thing. But, knowing what one likes and fulfilling it, is something that we all are entitled to. 

Like Anne, I want to live my life. Like Anne, I want to explore my thoughts. Like Anne, I wish to become what I like.... if only I live- to live those!

Like Anne....