Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What's wrong with you news writers?

I worked in News papers, Radio and Television. I understand how we are time bound and can not afford to cross the deadlines. But just when we are under the gun to produce a 300 word write up because we need to fill the empty space or because it is our job, many journalists come up with random nonsense that doesn't deserve to be even penned down. One such recent write up that I came across is this. The article talks about a Telugu film Director who supposedly vanished from India and deserted his family and how wife is struggling to make the ends meet. Do you know what is wrong with this write up?EVERYTHING! This shouldn't be existing in the first place. Honestly, I do not know the director in person and no one associated with him. But when I read the news, my heart sank, for, the writer just filled in using his imagination and came up with this short film script jeopardizing the life of a Director and his family. Here are my thoughts about it.
VN Aditya- Pc- Google.

1) "VN Aditya deserted his family". Really? Did the wife lodge a complaint? Were the kids seen crying for help? How can one decide if a family is deserted?

2) "His wife recently vacated the apartment and shifted to a cheaper place, as they could not afford the rent". Did she tell you? And by the way, what's wrong in renting a cheaper apartment? There are presidents who were broke financially. Every person goes through financial crisis and need not always lead a lavish rich life. I personally know couple of directors who live on daily wages or contractual assignments. One of the directors I interviewed, in fact, sells fish to make a living. Not to forget, he is an award winning director. But he feels proud of what he does, because, he does it with dignity. Does it make him any lesser? Not at all. I started a column called "Focus Light" in ,specially to write about lives of such talented pool in the industry. If we write about someone, the piece should give life to the person, but not destroy his career or personal life. 

3) "Rumors in the industry claim that the director is not fending the needs of his family and his wife joined a school as a teacher"- His wife joined as a teacher? You know what, I salute that lady, who, instead of ditching her husband/kids during the financial crisis, owned it up and is fending for the family. You want to talk about women empowerment? Ask her to be the chair of your discussion. My respect has multiplied for VN Aditya's wife, because she must have seen the phases of richness, and now, she is leading this simple yet dignified life by teaching the generation. 

4) "The director was recently linked to a popular Tollywood singer". Now this is where, things get dirty and ugly. After deserting the family, throwing stones on the wife, the writer left no choice for the director and hooked him up with a tollywood singer. Let's assume, they have! How does it matter to any of us? I am sure, that singer might also be having a life of her own and this writer just toppled her life too in few words. 

If you, as writers, do not have anything to write, please do some research and come up with articles to benefit the society than write these pieces of junk and destroy families and hopes on journalism. 

Here is a fitting reply from VN Aditya explaining how his family is fine and the reasons for him to be in USA.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pretty much me

I like to jump. 
I like to run around. 
I like to experiment. 
I like to experience. 

I live every moment. 

I live moment by moment. 
I live my life, 
But I can die a happy death. 

I love myself, And I am not a narcissist. 

I love the free spirit in me, but I am not a freebie. 
I love everything around me, but I am not an extrovert. 
I love solitude, but I am not an introvert. 

This one life taught me a lot. 

My mind, my body, my soul. 
I am living my life. 
And I can die a happy death.