Tuesday, September 08, 2009


horrorscopes... predict everything (bhoot -bhavishyat -varatamaan..) are one of those favourites for elders and youngsters too.

i have been facing this horror since my birth and now as 'woman about to get married', its been a boon and a bane for me in many ways.
when am not liked, the guy's mother/father informs my dad that horoscopes dint match while my dad gets it checked and the pundit says they did match...hahaha...such a lame excuse..

when guy and myself like each other..these horoscopes do come as nightmares..
i still wonder about those silly astronomical things far above the sky who dictate our lives..arey yar..maine telescope say bhi unhe kabhi nahi dekha...tho yeh budh grah aur shukr grah kaha se aagaye mere zindagi mein? (or why dont some astronimcal scientist sue those kundli makers for misusing and misinterpreting the celestial bodies?)

yeahh another thing is being manglik ..manglik people want to get married to only mangliks...if it is a manglik girl..she can marry a tree, donkey or a monkey and then the non manglik boy! you might be knowing that technically abhishek is aishwarya's third husband...she was married to some neem tree then some ferns or crotons or some animal and then to abhishek...whooa...tho abhi abhishek ko kuch nahi hoga? (PETA people sleep at this hour....zzzzzzzz)

and then the gotras...people from same gotra are considered siblings...now yeh kaheka funda hai...you dont even know the traces of the boy ...you meet him somewhere across the globe..you like him...then you realise he is supposed to be your brother and you can not marry him! coz you have the same gotras...i need a breaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (rakshabandhan should be celebrated with them also)

then the gun (gana)-atleast 23 of them should match for the boy and girl...arey yar...kundli milaake kitne log pyar karte hai....(imagine people carrying their kundlis in their wallets and handbags and ask...hey dude whats your kundli?)
i think people who run programmes across the world need to understand that compatibility is also a major thing!

i know horoscopes are essential...but not to an extent that you miss on a nice person or a family in this stupid process....let it be just horoscope...not a horrorscope to buy/get married to nightmares in life!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

man..i miss you...

I am no fan of YSR..neither did i support him during elections. I never had a good impression on him and I always feel he made an upper middle class's life- hell. We have stopped buying toor dal (Rs80+/kg) and forgot the taste of some vegetables...the ever rising prices in his legacy never impressed us. I am talking loud..many of you might be thinking loud.... some of you might never want to say anything.
but there is one thing that always mesmerised me about this 60+ youngman..that is his charisma..he won the hearts...i always told my parents that YSR surely knows how to offend before going for defence....he surely predicts the steps far before and thats an essential quality of a poilitician. he knows how to win - while losing the battle....he knows how to spring back if he lost the war....he has the guts and he showed them. his machoism is unbeatable and i bet he is a true MAN... i am pretty sure he is irreplaceable and we lost him!
RIP YSR...we surely miss you (atleast I miss you)