Tuesday, May 17, 2011

gulab appam-innovation out of failure

I already have a blog on cookery (
I am not a great cook, infact I was even a huge fan of "I hate cooking community on some social networking sites. But life changes for good/bad and here I am, blogging about various food items. Now I am writing
about a dish which is an innovation out of series of
failures. So, follow me if you need more information.

go to a super market and buy a readymade mix of gulab jamun pa
cket. If you have a spouse, crib about how you have not eaten sweets for ages, the packet will find room in your cart asap. If you are single (like I was until sometime ago), have the privilege to grab it. Now come home, and start mixing the contents according to what's written there. Now if you are ambitious and over confident like me, add little more water and empty the packet. The
dough becomes pasty and useless. since you are swamped by all the guilt in the world, call a couple of people to find out if they have some extra powder. if you are an anti-social person, then sea
rch on internet or google it. Don't get surprised if you stumble upon my blog! ahem ahem

now after failing all attempts, fossil out the 'all purpose flour' in your kitchen cabinets and add it to the useless dough which is s
taring at you and bleeding through its heart. afte
r you add some to it, now make round balls and put them in hot oil. once you discover that the balls (read as gulab jamun balls) are half cooked (not at all cooked), you will wonder what to do next! so now try this...

make the round balls (balls are always round..but not when I make...) and press them in your hand. they become flat (appam). cool....now fry them and dump them in the sugar water.

after sometime you will realise that the gulab appam (gulab flats) are fuming over the weird attempt and are highly pissed. they swell and yo
u might think of shifting them from one container into another!

so this innovation called, gulab appam, is ready to serve (to whom?)...
for me, I am waiting for my man to come home and relish them (god knows!).

Try them!

on huge demand, here is the pic- Patents reserved!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

the moron is gone!

I am giving a slight break to my MIM series as there is a burning (read as buried) hot topic to be talked about. Our great Maha Osama is no more and how can I not write something about him! afteral, he left so many imprints on this earth (even dinosaurs missed doing that )

May be I was among those first few -who posted something on a social networking site about his death. minutes after the news was broke, I dint miss a chance to express my happiness over his death! I was never so happy over someone's death. few hours before his death, we were in constitution avenue in washington DC touring and adoring the beauty of the city! and few hours later..bingo, the whole place is crowded with folks cheering for the nation! somehow, there were few threads which connected me to his life...let me put it this way!

When the master-blaster exploded the WTC towers, I learnt about them just few hours before. in one of our classes during my graduation, we talked about the WTC building and I aspired to work there after I finished my studies. and this moron blew them up!

when the whole world was searching for him, I happened to watch the movie 'tere bin laden' which is a story based out of the country where he was hiding (was really hiding????) and for a moment i thought, may be he could be found there..and bingo- he was there!

So, after these very small coincidences, the psycho is dead but is now haunting everyone through spam. his videos are spamming many sites and his soul is continuing to torture people across the world in this way. I heard, he is resting in the ocean- I pity the sea flora and fauna :(
I wish he was buried in the same trash/incinerator in his backyard. Oh no, it will become another tourist spot, as his hide out has already become one!

now that he is no more, I end this blog on a happy note!
'and then everybody lived happily ever after!'