Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snakes in the backyard

Not long ago, there lived two neighbors. They were just like any other neighborhood families. Sharing sweets and food on multiple occasions, borrowing salt and sugar in crisis, helping each families in emergencies and sharing a laughter once in a while. One day their world came to seize when the county decided to separate the two houses into two neighboring cities. Left with no choice, the two neighbors fell into two separate cities. Though their zip codes and city names are different, nothing seems to have changed. The neighbors continued their routine just like before. 

After few years, the cities started developing in different paces. While City X -where neighbor X lived, developed in a fast pace, City Y- where neighbor Y lived, slowed down due to various political reasons. The kids of neighbor X started going to good schools and enjoy the privileges. The kids of neighbor Y are still struggling. 

After seeing this for many years, instead of going and reporting to the city head regarding slow growth of their city and how kids are at disadvantage, the Neighbor Y came up with a different plan. He thought teaching a hard lesson to Neighbor X and destroy his world. 

As part of the plan, Neighbor Y thought of breeding some snakes in his backyard, with help of which he can poison and kill Neighbor X. But if he buys snakes or bring them home, everybody will suspect him. Hence he came up with a slow but steady plan. He started throwing sweets in his backyard. As result of which, ants started piling up in his backyard. With more and more sweets, there came a big anthill. 

His wife warned him about the growing anthill. But, Neighbor Y ignored the idea and started feeding the ants. The anthill grew so big that small snakes overtook it. The neighbor was very happy. One day, he wanted to test his snakes. He held one snake by tail and tried to throw it in Neighbor X's backyard. The snake tried to hiss. But since it was small, Neighbor Y, could overpower it and threw it in the Neighbor X's backyard successfully. The Neighbor X spotted the snake and alerted the neighbors and city officials. The city officials thoroughly checked the house and decided that snake should have come from outside and there is noway, they can determine the source of the snake. 

After repeated sightings of the snake, the neighbor X suspected that it could be from the anthill next door. The city officials said, they have no permission to check the neighbor's house as it doesn't come under their zip code. Left with no option, neighbor X started living in fear. 

Neighbor Y is now happy, that his efforts have not gone wasted. He started feeding the snakes and watched them grow bigger and bigger. 

One day, while Neighbor Y's kids were playing in the backyard, a large snake came out of anthill. The kids screamed in fear. The Neighbor Y ran and rescued his kids by shooing away the snake with a large stick. This sent shivers in his spine. What he thought would harm others, is now taking on him. 

Neighbor Y called the city authorities and asked them take down the anthill. The city people tried but in vain. They said it was too late to take it down and he better construct a fence and be alert. Everyday, the Neighbor Y lived in fear- for, he raised those dangerous snakes in his backyard thinking of harming Neighbor X, but now they are a threat to him first. 

One day, while neighbor Y was out on work, his kids were playing in the backyard. The big- large and finely fed snake came out of nowhere in search of food and bit the kids. The kids lost their lives on spot. It was too late for neighbor Y. It was too late for him to take back all his actions. It was too late for him to even save his kids. It was just too late for everything in his life. In a moment, all his world cringed and sunk into oblivion. But the snake is still living the anthill waiting for its next prey. 

PS- This is a lesson for all of us. 'The neighbor and the snake in the backyard' analogy can be applied to anything and anyone. Ranging from individuals and their egos to nations and hatred! The choice is yours. The blanks are open.