Thursday, September 29, 2011

a lesson to learn

While, the whole nation is going rage over corruption, I am here to contribute my own little part. Sharing this story which might inspire you!

It happened to me 2 years ago (2009). I was going to a post office (Begumpet, Hyderabad) which was pretty close to where I lived. I thought of walking instead of driving, as it would take me more time in horrendous traffic. So, walking for 5 minutes was a better option for me in many ways. Since I was going there for the first time, I had to ask someone to get the directions. All I had to do was, cross the road and take the bridge (above Begumpet MMTS station). As simple as that!

As I started walking, I could not figure out how to get off the bridge. Since the traffic was heavy, I assumed, everybody crosses through the station bridge. I entered the station and took the inside bridge to the opposite platform. As I was about to exit, the Ticket collector approached me and asked for the ticket.

I told him, I was just crossing the bridge. He said, I need to take the outside bridge, not the inside one and since, I entered the train station, I need to show him a ticket. I apologised and said, I am ready to pay for it.

He said, as I don't have a ticket, I am unauthorised to use the platform. So, he gave me a penalty of Rs 200 for wrongfully entering the train station (read it as local train station with just 2 platforms).

As I came out of the station, I was bit upset as I had to pay Rs 200 for unknowingly entering the station. But I had a satisfaction, as I stood by the law. I paid the penalty sans nepotism. Yes, both my parents have been working for Indian Railways since 30+ years and they are now in very good positions!

A mistake is a mistake and it has no exceptions.

I stand by law. I am against corruption. What about you?

Swathi Sriram

Friday, September 23, 2011

best signs of worst FB pms

if it was not for that stupid facebook, i would have been much much regular on my blog. but since i came to the US, I have been wandering on FB to be in touch with my friends and do some time pass. but offlate, I am kind of losing my privacy and realised how important my blog is. well, to start with, i guess the Fb people are having PMS now. it is acting weird and we can't do much about it.

before i talk about it, let me talk about pms. for many men, who are unaware of what it is, you are free to do some wikipedia thing or google it for more examples. now, if you know about it, then i need to give much gyan to you.
for women, who do not know about it, i would say you are lucky and stop reading this post. As reading about pms and Fb will only worsen your life. and women who are well versed with pms, again, i need not discuss and share much about it.

So, Fb is having pms now. let me list some best signs of worst FB pms

1) is clumsy and not bothered about it
2) acting weird and losing manners
3) is worried about everybody under sun and on earth (may be beyond earth)
4) is screaming loud and hampering with others' lives
5) and there is no reason behind anything
6) the chemical reactions are so vigor that it is unable to take load of reactors like me
7) is crying without a reason

now with these signs, you can not disagree with me. and it is like, you got to have lots of patience to understand what it is like and after that you will get used to it!

happy fbing.