Friday, February 03, 2012

Economically Green Child

While the global market is sinking and crying out loud in the name of recessions, there is one sure shot trend of economy, which will never sink! Let it be tsunami, typhoon or an earthquake! This economy never sinks and with each threshold, it shoots up. I call it Green Economy. Yeah, you heard me right. I have seen it for decades and I never saw it sinking or suffering turbulence unlike other forms of economy. Let me explain my story and how I have been part of this never sinking Green Economy aka Environmental Economy.

While girls of my age enjoyed playing board games and doll up Barbie, I enjoyed climbing trees and inspecting the gardens. Life for me, has been very exciting and I always stood out in the crowd for the way my mind works. I still remember the day when my teacher made a remark in my progress report saying “Intelligent. Smart but Talkative”. No one imagined, I will turn out to be a good speaker over the period of time giving lectures on being green and eco friendly. No wonder, I was chosen by All India Radio to sing a song- wait - not classical or a folk song. It is a song on protecting environment. Again, I had no clue why I was singing a song on how I wanted to plant trees and protect environment! As I grew up, I started having tough time with the juggling numbers in Mathematics. I never understood why Newton was not hungry enough to eat the apple and not burden me with Laws. The polymerization techniques in chemistry surely annoyed me. I was amnestic for history to study about wars and industrialisation. But there was one chapter, which had an imprint on my mind. I enjoyed reading every word in it and still remember how food chains and ecosystems work. When my idlebrain could not make it to a Medicine seat, my father was more than worried about how I would establish my career. The course in Environmental Management drew my eyes and there I go! Not an engineer or a doctor, but I intended to become an environmentalist. A Graduation, Masters, Mphil and 2 diplomas there was no looking back.

Every Individual is a born environmentalist. There is no surprise if I say earth has 6 billion environmentalists (this is a blog and not a scientific report. So, excuse me for stats). What if every one of us takes a small pledge and contribute a little to drink clean water and see clear sky and let the ice caps be themselves and not melt. We can help the Green Economy multiply day by day and increase the sustainability.

I enjoy being an environmentalist where I need not bother about the AC rooms, laptops with internet and dresses to wear to the work place. All I need to care about is to save mother earth from getting perished and let the public know the difference between Need and Greed. I am doing my part. What about you?

People say my blog is 'info-taining'. So, here I end with an ancient Sanskrit note which is dated (not radioactively) to 1000 years-

"Vriksho Rakshathi Rakshitaha"- Save the trees, you will be saved by them.

Go green buddies. Save the economy, yeah you heard me right, the Green Economy.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

definition of freedom

whats the definition of freedom?

going out on your own?
working on your own?
having your own money to spend on sweet little things whenever you want?
having a good laugh with friends?
socialising with friends and families without having to take their appointments?
Having your parents by your side whenever they want you and vice versa?

The check list was full and complete when I was in India. Many people think that life is free and you have all the freedom you want in abroad. But as an independent and working woman, who is no less than a free spirit, I would say, NO, it is not. Life is not free in this country for free spirits like me.

I am not against any other country. But I would say, India has changed for good. For those who have brains, talent, knowledge and know how to live a life, India is a much-much better place to live and lead a peaceful life. But many people have concerns about international problems existing in our country. Let me try to give an appropriate answer.

Traffic- Yeah many NRIs say that India has too much traffic and they cant bear it.
Excuse me. It takes nearly 45 minutes with traffic to travel 15 miles in a 3 lane road sans craters in US. Not to forget the delays that take life time and tons of people working from home to avoid it. In India, atleast in Hyderabad, I used to travel on my bike to office and was never stuck in traffic. Yes, there is traffic but always flowing. Who cares if there are people crossing roads? Atleast they will not sue you if you stop close to them. Despite the heavy traffic and crores of population, accident rates are comparatively less in India.

Pollution- Now, how are you effected by pollution. For anyone who moves from one place to the other, it takes certain time for your body to adjust to the local weather and conditions. I bled through nose when I moved here. But Indian weather and pollution never harmed me in anyway! trust me. It is completely a factor of time and your body condition.

Sun tan- Who asks you to go out in open sun without clothes? Atleast I never saw cases on dermological cancer in India. Whether it is India or arctic- roaming around in open sun will always tan your body.

Money- If you are content with whatever you get and earn, you can live anywhere. People live in 3rd world countries and they are still alive! Few extra bucks will only make your life burdened as that satisfying component in your personality has vanished long time ago.

Corruption- How many times have you fallen a victim of corruption in India? who robbed your money for anything? If you are true by heart and aware of rules, no one will ask you for extra money. I never paid an extra penny in my life and never had trouble getting things done. Then where is the corruption factor? and above all, if you want to fight against corruption, you are always welcome to join the movement. if not, then move on in your life? why complain about it?

These are few of many reasons cited by many NRIs, who say that life in India is no more easy. I don't know how much you agree with me. But, as an independent, educated and working woman, I always loved my life in India.

I have a good husband and good family to take care of me. But there 1000 several things that curb my freedom here. Yes, I was free in India! A free spirit which is now bottled.

Disclaimer- I am not against any country. I am against those people who overlook certain beautiful things in India. God bless all.