Thursday, January 12, 2012

came out of web

How I came out of an addiction called FB. It is amazing. Now, I don't even feel like checking the posts and commenting on those unnecessary posts which are posted by people suffering from attention deficit disorder. Earlier, I had the habit of checking mails and wandering on FB checking the videos, reading the shared messages, status messages. But every morning was not a pleasant one! sometimes, when I came across posts with disturbing messages including hatred on religion, racism, personal abuses, pictures with half body, amputated, blood and stuff, it was very scary and often disturbing for me. Atleast, I always believed in pleasant and healthy mornings and happy ending in the nights.

But at the back of mind, I always had those posts through out my day, and they always triggered my self conscious to react! knowing my personality, I always wondered how I kept calm most of the times. But, it surely affected my life in many ways. heated arguments, hatred messages, unwanted discussions, disturbing just cant escape from them.

once you are in the web, you are caught for good. hence, i came out and trust me, i have full life now. my options for hobbies just increased rapidly and somehow, i realised that i have 100 other things to do when compared to that stupid FB wandering. may be it works well with networking. but life doesn't stop there and I cant control. with 750+ friends (?), i could never control what they posted. and one disturbing post in anytime of the day, my whole day i screwed.

so get a life! i got it now! ;)