Tuesday, January 18, 2011

W-turn in my life

ahem ahem....i know its been too long. corrupted lappy, almost left job, wedding chaos, new husband and a new country...everything put me in a loop of "the busy life" and made me very very busy without any work and pay. i almost stopped visiting blogs and that depressed me further.

My life took a "W" turn, yes not just "U" turn, but I call it W turn -as the changes are totally irreversible and I cant even look back. life changed miraculously and like many women, i am referring different dictionaries to understand the meaning of this so called new life. :)

from salwar suits to saris, rupees to dollars, single to mingled, afternoon wake up to early morning wake up...everything is so new. Infact my flight from Hyd itself was memorable. As usual, my plane thing was a bit adventurous but I landed quite safely to my hubby's surprise.

Since my first step, I brought snow storm within a week. i remotely remember buying any sweater during my stay in India. My hometown has just 2 seasons- summer and peak summer. But this land seems quite different. While I was flexible in my clothing in India from sleeveless to capris, I am supposed to wear, rather drape myself completely. While I survived on Maggie and Pizzas in India, I am living on rice and variety of sabjis made at home (cooked by me). While I saw lambs, chicken, goats, cattle and many other animals on the roads and next to our houses, I see them in different forms in the menu cards (grrr)! Roads are empty, I hardly see anyone crossing the road, jumping the big/huge dividers, gossiping outside houses...
Most of the world I see is- through the window pane of our car and I am forgetting to walk.

While I am trying to adjust to my new life, I am also giving some surprises to my hubby (he calls them shocks- but I dont care!). I washed his - never washed- Iphone in washing machine...and promised him more and more services in the future.

Life is totally new for me here and am going through slight culture shock. Wish me good luck!