Saturday, April 03, 2010

middle-class mentality!

we went to another pathetic movie and spent nearly Rs400. after coming out, we repented and some thoughts smothered me. i wish i spent those 400 bucks on something
1) i would have paid one month rent for milk (and still save some more money)
2) paid one month electricity bill
3) bought petrol for my scooty for 3 weeks
4) bought a nice dress for me or sari for mom, or something else for my sis and dad
5) bought nice hand bag (which will last for atleast a year) or a pair of shoes
6) had nice food outside
7) bought gas for cooking for the whole month
8) gave as charity for the needy
9) sponsored education for a child
10) distributed fruits to the hunger
11) go for nice facial in a parlour
12) paid my monthly telephone/internet bill
13) and lots more.....

i hail from a middle class family where our parents tried to provide us all the comforts but not luxuries. we were taught to live with a respect and use money carefully. for us...spending Rs100 wasnt a big thing...but surely we did the cost benefit analysis and the risk assessment involved in spending a green note. i dont know if you all agree with my thought or not...but i definitely feel bad when i go for unnecessary expenditure...after all, there are so many people in this world for whom a single grain, single penny and piece of cloth matter alot.
i sometimes laugh at myself when i do so much of cost benefit analysis for tiny things and get depressed when i find huge losses and no
i call it middle-class mentality!