Thursday, April 23, 2009

was it all just for fun?

u made me laugh
u kept me happy all the time...
u tried to give me everything under the sun

we cherished every moment together
we lived through every happiness...
i felt its only u and i have none

now i need u so much
i know i am incomplete without u...
but u say it was all just for fun

Thursday, April 16, 2009

finally a HOT DATE writing my blog after a month.....i know its tooo late...but trust has been very turbulent since a month and i dint get a chance to sit-think-write a am back...

anyways..finally i went on a HOT DATE today....yeah,,,my friend Mr N and I went to watch fast and furious....this is the first time am watching the series and as soon as the movie started.. i asked N to explain the movie as i cant understand "English"....well he informed that the dialogues are in Spanish .....awww...... i almost remained silent for the next two hours.....

i was too furious to get back home as i was literally getting burnt...the sun blaze was at its worst...worst enough to cook instant noodles in a traffic-jam!!!!

finally i was back home and seems i had sunstroke...huh....

i know.... surely a HOT DATE to remember........

20 random things about me

ok here goes the list...finally....

1) i am very moody
2) i give a damn to arrogance
3) i love animals
4) i respect elders
5) adoption is in my future plan
6) i am very courteous in nature
7) my parents are my inspiration
8) my life is mine and am answerable to none
9) i believe in humanity
10) for me love is essential and i connect myself with many people across the globe
11) i don't believe in marriage as an institution
12) i feel there should be dignity in whatever we do
13) i love my wardrobe
14) my sister means a lot to me
15) wooing me is the most difficult thing in this world
16) i enjoy every moment of my life...
17) i sound feminist but i am not...
18) my absence is surely felt among the loved ones
19) from vedas to vodka.....i am into everything
20) i hate suggestions!!!

awwwwww finally.....