Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and he became part of my life...........

him: hello...kanna babu?
me: who is this?
him: is it kannababu????
me: no wrong number
and i hung up...

her: kannnaaaaaaa
me: who?
her: is it kannnaaaaa?
me: no

him: anna...
me: anna? whom do u want?
him: is it kanna annna?
me: grrr..wrong number

him: kanna sir?
me: wrong number
her: babu...kanna.babu
me: ughhh

and then on new year's day and for every festival i received text messages which were meant for him. slowly...calls and messages for kanna babu became part of my daily life....whenever i receive a call it would be for either me or kanna babu. i dont know who he is...i have no idea where he stays...thanks to vodaphone people...they made a stranger part of my life..earlier i was pissed with calls meant for i reply softly that his number is changed...i realised that he is been prettty important in his circle and could be a favourite one too!

but today..early in the morning i received a message which says "my deep condolence to you and your family. may god keep her soul rest in peace"..this is for kanna babu again..
someone from kanna babu's family is no more! i felt bad for kanna babu... hope he cheers up from the loss and spring back to normal.
kanna babu- i still have no idea who he is! but my heart felt bad for his loss!