Wednesday, August 18, 2010

forgotten heroes

her hands in his hands and their eyes meeting each other. he softly touched her mehendi and kissed them. the new bride turned into pink and blushed, but tears were usually doing their job, as, it is time for Ramachandra, the new groom to say bye to his bride and rejoin his duties. after all, unlike others, for him, his country is first and life next. while we are at personal and professional lives, for people like ramachandra, its country first and everything next! its time for kargil war and he was recalled! the newly wed couple had to part their ways off just for the time being. he assured her that she will be with him soon.

her thoughts smothered him while traveling back and the moment he landed and donned his uniform, he is a different person. he wrote letters to his family that though he is posted in kargil, he is not fighting war, he is safe and his friends are shedding their blood. as usual, the postman delivered another letter, where ramachandra mentioned about his diet, the war scene and how his friends are losing their lives. he assured them that he is safe and is not fighting any war. he told them that he would take leave for some days and visit them and also take his bride back as soon as the war is finished.

ramachandra's mother read that letter repeatedly and ended the day with usual talk about the war scene. soon after the sunrise and usual coffee, the couple and the bride sat together to watch TV. hardly they imagined that their world would crash down in few hours. they couldnot believe their eyes, when they saw ramachandra's photo being flashed and how the whole country is praising him for his brave act in the war and how he saved his country by sacrificing his life. before they realised the fact that he is no more, everything is done. Ramachandra fought in the kargil war and lost his life while saving our nation and ofcourse us. it is a moment of independence for all of us but certainly not for those war heroes.

now after 11 years of his sacrifice, his family is still moving around the government offices to get their small piece of land allotted to 'jawans who died in kargil war'. the family is still uncertain about their lives and says, now they are fed up and hate everyone. ramachandra's mother is still proud of his son's sacrifice yet very much unhappy with the justice they got at the cost of her son's life. ramachandra's father did shed a tear, folded his hands and thanked the so-called corrupt government for their unruly behavior and forgetfulness.

this independence day, in my talk-show with ramachandra's parents and a couple of ex-servicemen, i realised what kind of justice are they getting in the name of Independence. how true, a cricketer and a tennis star is allotted crores of rupees and plush buildings just for a sixer and a rank...but what about those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us? all they asked for- is- small piece of land in a semi urban area as promised by the government. and our sahebs do not have that much time too!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

painful it is! imagine....

most of the women go for waxing and do you have any clue how it pains! its unbearable..still we just go ahead.....afterall we need it...

most of us have pain during our menstrual cycle. it is killing and makes us physically and mentally sick. still we bear it, as it is unavoidable.

skin of women is very sensitive...the rod in the bus, handle in an auto rickshaw, stand of our scooters, everything hurts us badly...still we bear it, as they happen and are not intentional.

our hands get cut when we are cutting vegetables and burn while cooking. still its ok as we do it for the happiness.

we are slender and vulnerable to most of the things and n one has any hint how much we go through. these sort of pains are bearable and we know we have to go through them.

but some pains are horrible. they are unexpected and beyond explanation. let me give you an example. did you ever hurt yourself while shaving? pains..right?

did you ever fall down while catching the ball in a cricket ground?? have bruises and it pains again..right?

yes...imagine oneself shedding blood while hurt....its ok...they are natural and happen without any notice...

but the plight of this girl was different. she was beaten up by her husband and in -laws....the pain was unbearable for her age...infact pain is unbearable at any age...and for this young, beautiful girl who was married to a butcher, everyday was painful...hardly she had any clue while opening her eyes in the morning (or may be she hardly ever slept peacefully) that she would be kicked, beaten up, bashed big time by the family of butchers and the cannibal like husband.....hardly she would know where she would be cut and burnt...

one fine morning she wanted to get out of that prison...she wanted some freedom..just a pinch of it where she would spend few painless hours..where her body is her own and no one would take any rights to tamper with it....
and the moment came and she ran out of the house....thinking shes freed for good....she took a deep breath and hardly stretched her hands, when she was grabbed by the animals -called in-laws and was put in the black house few moments were unpredictable for this slender adolescent......

she thought she would be beaten up to death or burnt or would have to live without food. but things were different this time...the so called society was involved in this "family affair" and they have a different justice for her . they said, its sin to flee away from in-laws house and the punishment would remind her of her 'mistake'

and before she could plead, yell, shout and vanish...she witnessed the sprays of blood. the beautiful teenager lost her sense organs which were mercilessly chopped off by the senseless bastards. those men who have enormous affairs before and after marriage, who have children out of wedlock had guts to cut her nose and ears for her so-called 'sin'.

who the hell are they to do justice to her? what kind of justice was this for the poor little girl who ran away from the house of killers? would the husband be given such brutal punishment if he is caught with another woman? who/what is the society that can not differentiate between the right and wrong?

bloody bastards...

but this girl is not going to lose the girl has become "face of afgan women who want to fight against violence". shes now bold enough to fight against those insane men and so-called justice which does every brutal thing to women but good.

as a woman, i appreciate her and give all my support. may be she has joined my list of inspiring personalities on this earth. am not posting her picture. i do not want to do that.,..but for those who missed reading about her, can find her here...

and please, now dont post comments saying all men are not bad and bla not blaming every man just taking about the men in the context. if you are sensible enough to understand this issue, i appreciate you or else i would say..grow up!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


aww it feels so good to be back in this space. let me tell you, i have been terribly busy with my work, personal life and everything....

lots of things have been happening nowadays...all my friends are getting married left and right...they are taking no time in choosing their partners as if the world is coming to an end!

now i have a roomy who is a good cook and am becoming lazier day by day.

i learned to burn maggie. yes i always thought, i excelled in preparing maggie, but lately i realised, am not that good; when i burnt it to ashes..

i am now pressing 9read it as ironing) clothes without burning them. my sister always complained that i leave the folds and run the iron box next to i have started wearing nylon ones which do not need special ironing and burning

now i watch a lot of tv. serials on 'colours' are so good...i watch them...i dont feel like missing them at all even if i watch them after 2-3 months..the story, plot, sets, clothes and the expressions remain the same.

almost stopped watching movies, as i am financially not sound to spend 300-500 bucks and feed the producers for their worst ever flicks. sorry, i have grown to be intelligent.

theres sale everywhere and i spent my life savings on clothes. imagine, its sale..or else, i have to take another birth to complete my debts

my hunt for my man ended and my left ear is dead. (dont ask me anything here....questions mana hai)

still reading kite runner and am trying my level best to finish it...hopefully, i will do it in this birth and before khalid hosseini sends me a letter asking me to stop reading it.

my virtual life on facebook is very entertaining. i am loving the way people fight, love, comment on each other. my farm dried and i guess some real estate broker grabbed it too....

oh yeah...have been traveling alot. within Andhra, India and yes, i have been to srilanka (international trip) and you have to clap for this....i laugh at it when my friends ask me for a party for this, so-called international trip....the to and fro tickets cost is way less than the party cost. thanks, i have no interest in throwing a party.

am learning car driving for the nth time...this time, am sure, am gonna take risk (i should say i am gonna give risk to the other drivers)

am doing talk shows (have been doing) and finally after so much time, one random man recognised me on the road,.....yuppiesss i wanted to threw a biiiiigggg partyyyy lol

my samsung slide phone is screamed, yelled and died after i smashed it on the floor. bohhahaha....i enjoyed doing it and now i dont have anyone's number..and i need not call or call back when i get a call (areyy mere phone mein display nahi hai..mein ya karu?)

and more and more after i recollect....
afteral am growing old and becoming rhajini ....memory problem hai bhai..maaf kar do!