Thursday, August 27, 2009

bday yoho...

its my birthday again...time flew without giving a notice and i admit, i am thrilled and amazed by the pace with which my life is moving. now i am 27. oh..noo...i have no issues in revealing my age and i feel proud to be

i started receiving calls from 23 AUG and trust me i cut 4 cakes back to back. loads of messages. my 1GB memory card phone ran out of space..and i had to keep my mobile on charging continuously.
i felt like a princess and the day was mine. the treasure hunt by my sis, vamsi, sasi and trinadh, gifts and love by TP, everything was amazing. Mr RK made it a point to meet me..and Mr C flew down next day to wish me...the 27 gifts that he gave as part of my bday are just awesome..and what do i need in life...its been 4 days already....and am still getting calls and wishes...let it be belated thing...people are wishing me...
above all..i would also like to wish my mom'happy rebirth day' it was a rebirth for her when i came into this world...
everything in my life is special..and i have no complaints...
love you all

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

just a click away

i always wished there was someone who can do everything for a genee..sorts...just a phone call away and there everything is at your feet...booooooom..
my cousin also came up with such an idea and now he is donning the role of genee to everyone...
yeahh he created this website

the groceries are just a click away and i bet you can place order by lazing on your bed!
thanks are a gem...hope you come to hyderabad soon...
for lazy bums like are a wishy-washy person...
folks out there...go through this and grab your stuff...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a face that i see

the face that i see is bold and beautiful
many emotions beneath the eyes
the strong will that is seen is awesome
but the shyness behind is seldom realised

attitude personified it is
arrongance is the thing that is seen
rudeness is what shown
love and affection are the sheen
ego throws you away
but it is the self determination that is unseen

the beautiful smile that it has
words beneath the lips are never said
the lovely curves are beautiful to look at
the pain inside the body is unknown
a mixture of too many emotions it is
warmth and care are its own

seems to be simple to read
but the pages are not clearly written
while everyone thinks it is quite open
no one knows whats hidden
proudness is poured out
it is self-sufficient smitten

a face that i see everyday
many thoughts and many questions
thats the face that i try to read
a face in the mirror that it is!

Monday, August 03, 2009

reason for divorce is marriage!

am i not right? the very reason for divorce is a marriage! no divorce!

but its not always right too...many of our parents are still living in harmony..then why not our generation?
is it ego? finance? compatibility? extra marital affair? mental illness? reasons are numerous and not one will accept the fault of ones own!
but then again..i am told my thought is wrong! may be i was wrong....marriage as an institution is set for us and we tend to move away from it by shunning the norms!
basically i see it as loss of trust and a sense of insecurity! when one can overcome sure anyone can live with it!
may be even i need to overcome it asap..or else...i gotta be living with my eternal singleton status!
hopefully i would find someone worth living with... soon!
not losers for sure!