Saturday, December 30, 2006

sorry..mistake ho gaya

some silly mistakes do creep in..they r mostly seen when people are in a hurry. i can recollect this incident during my college day celebrations...dances of ANR and NTR, the oldies of our cinemas are a fancy now....a group started performing the old tracks of NTR movies. the audience was enjoying and scraeming in its own way..suddenly, the NTR appeared on the stage...
this guy, was madeup exactly like NTR and has the same built too.. the whole auditorium clapped upon his entry and encouraged him..he started dancing to the numbers in the usual NTR style..blowing the left and right hands alternatively and bending the legs apart...

suddenly, the voice of the audience changed and became a little bit louder. the man in the NTR dress felt little more encouraged and started dancing in full swing...
inspite of repeated shouts from the audience he continued dancing assuming the audience is requesting in the age old style--ONCE MORE!!!!!

suddenly he was dragged into the side of the stage by a volunteer from the audience who supposedly had some soft heart towards this fellow...and the dance was continued by the other dancers.

huh..eveyrhting was alright, the stage, the dance, the song and the dancer would have been a hundred percent successful event, if the man had not forgotten to close his ZIP of the pants...


kya gaana hai..

here are some hit songs and the expert comments ---

kabhi kabhi mere dil me.khayal aata hai--kyo tera dimaag kaam nahi kar raha hai kya?

agar tum mil jaoo-jamaana chod denge hum--yeh..tuu daant rahi hai..ya dhamki de rahi hai?

mujhe neend na aaye..mujhe chain na aaye-- tumhe insomnia ho gaye re..jaao check up karwaoo

gore gore mukhde pe kaala kaala chasma--oye pehle tu chasma laga ke dekh..mukhda gora hai ki kaal?

meri aankho me tu meri saanso me tuu--i know..jab jhukam jyada ho jata aise hi lagta hai

No entry---------

This happened to me when i was in my grad 1 st year. just entered into the college life and was in this huge, very famous campus of AP. it is considered one of the posh colleges of south india. and now i am in. wow..the feeling itself made me fly high..those were the intial days of ragging, and as usual, i was caught by one of the senior most students of the college. i was the in the bus stop and this guy approached me- and the conversation went on like this....
guy- whats ur name
me- sir, my name is ---
guy- where r u from--
me- sir am from---
guy--which class r u in now?
me- sir, am in---
guy--whats ur classroom number?
me- it is and so building
guy--ok go now..i will meet you in the lunch tomorrow..

pause---the guy left me and i got into the heart pounded the next day and i cud hardly listen to any of the lectures. our lunch was at 12.50pm and at about 12.45, i saw this guy outside our class. he waved his hand from the window and i started sweating like i knew, i have no other go and would be ragged firecefully by himm..

i was even more nervous when the lecture was finished and faculty left the class..this guy called me out and strated talking to me..his voice was harsh and he was very angry upon something and i smelt that he is venting out all the stuff on me. the conversation began again and went on--

guy- i think u r trying to make me a fool
me (confused)- am sorry sir. but i dint do anything wrong.
guy- do u know any of the faculty here?
me- (i though this was the chance..and i took the opportunity) yes sir, i knew the principal and the placements officer also
he took a step back..hesitatingly...(poor fellow he dint recognise the fact that the whole campus knew them and so even is only they dont know me..haha)
guy- (in harsh voice) - do u know ur classroom number
me- yes sir it is 305
guy- look at the board and tell me ur classroom number
i glanced up and bit my was 315 but not 305.
guy- do u know what is 305?
me- no sir
guy- it is toilet..thankgod it is gents toilet..i opened the door unknowingly..had it been ladies toilet..i would have been chucked out from the campus immediately...