Monday, August 25, 2008

the Day that I can never forget

Its been ages since I cut a cake on my name. I did celebrate many of my friends' bdays. gifted and threw surprise parties and did alot'to make everyone happy. But I hardly remember anyone who did anything for me. Thats fine. I have no expectations. Hence I thought my bday this year would be just like any other year, getting calls and msgs starting from 12 midnight and getting up in the morning, fresh up, wear new clothes, go to temple and distribute sweets, and then have lunch and take rest or work and then a simple dinner and say bye bye to the day.

So, came the day when the celebrations were about to start. it was my roomy's bday the previosu day. Hence we got a chance to have double celebrations which lasted for 48 hours. we partied the whole evening at 10D and had a blast. we made the DJ announce the name of our roomy and requested him to play songs for us. the party lasted for 3 hours and we were dancing and suddenly i hear my name being announced by DJ and my whole gang is lifting me up. Wow, i never imagined this would happen and everyone started wishing me. I could not stop my joy. I received the first call from the expected person and my inbox started flooding with msgs. WOw, this is something to enjoy. The party lasted till late night and then we went on to cut the most awaited cake. after smearing and eating it, we went to our usual adda, the idli- poori joint where we can relish hot idlis, dosas and pooris during late hours. i bet one must experience the thrill of having steaming hot idlis in the cold nights.

we were exahusted enough to move on and went back to our respective nests to take a cat-nap. the rays of sun awoke all of us and yes we are together again. we partied the whole day. played TT, badminton, i did go karting, and then swam in the pool for sometime and had lotsa- lotsa fun. i never knew life would be so cheerful and happy with loved ones around. i couldnt have asked for more. everyhting was surprise to me and I swear i am the luckiest to have my gang with me. i felt the day could get extended by 20 more hours so the fun would contninue. but alas, the night broke in and we had to take leave from each other.

i came home with an unbelievable mind that kept reminding me that this is the day that i can never forget in my life. A day that taught me that people love us in various ways. A day that taught me the value of friendship. A day that taught me everything!

I thank everyone who called, messaged, mailed and scrapped wishes and i love you all from the core of my heart!

I can never forget this Day. thank you all for wishing me :)

lots of lots of love to you............

Note: Speacial thanks to B, H, T, TP and S for being with me and making my day special and sweet. Love ya...

Monday, August 18, 2008

i lose everything

i think of something- it goes away from my hands

i like something- it goes away from my hands

i love something- it goes away from my hands

each time- i stay away from everything yet they come my way-

i try to think about it, like it and love it ---only to realise that it is no more with me

let it be a bag or shoes or book or my vehicle or the most loved person-

finally i lose everything!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


"All I cant stand is... One-Night-Stand", says love guru aka apun ka Salman bhai in Partner. The sentence was too catchy and I immediately thought of writing a blog on it. I am already "in"famous for my bold nature and gutsy writing where I am criticised for making arrow-like statements which poke people in many different ways. But I dont care - as I want to write and this is my blog! So have fun reading this.

I asked some people about their reaction to a proposal of one-night-stand (henceforth i shall call it 'ons'). before revealing the response, I would like to say something about this concept. Thanks to google, I could gather some info and could get educated about this new concept. I feel it is more westernised but when it comes to an individual thing, it is global. Whatever! so ons has nothing to do with emotions and it is like -u meet someone, u go ahead and then u forget. Guilt plays no role and relationships never exist. So, it is something that has to do just with the physical desires and which is quite short term.

Now the opinions- i have asked some people about how would they react if someone proposes them for ons or if they want to propose someone else. and to my surprise, i got a mixed but quite an exciting response from everyone. I couldnot stop myself from appreciating all these people for their thoughts and also felt happy as this piece of write-up could be yet another jewel in my blog.

few guys said they dont mind going ahead if the female is smart and is interested. they opine that ons is not sin and there is no harm in going ahead if both the partners are ineterested. few of them said they would never go as they would prefer to have longterm relationships rather than having ons and experience something emotionless. few said they never got a chance and would neither dare to ask. they are also hesitant to go and are quite indifferent about the issue. but majority of the guys are not bothered and see no harm in going for ons. thats quite exciting to read.

now its time for girls. i was a bit hesitant to ask girls as they might get hurt. but surprisingly, i received a genuine response even from the girls and my happiness knew no bounds. most of the girls say they dont mind going ahead (wow!) but they should like him, get impresed and make sure he wouldnot make fuss after-math. true infact. they support their opinion by saying that they dont mind going ahead if they feel secure. hmmm impressive statement. while some girls reacted shockingly and they are like NO WAY...

so this is it..what do u say? let me know your opinion...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kudos to Bindra

I dont know who Abhinav Bindra is. I heard of him but have forgotten what he is upto. I am not much into sports..rather not at all into the thing...

The olympics always excite me as they have much for the global audience and bring everyone under one roof. Though Indians dont make a mark, we manage to win atleast one medal a year and come back. So, this year also, I am in a hope to win atleast one and come back. Mind here, I never blame the players, as they whole-heartedly put their efforts. If they are failing, it is because of the minimal or no support that they receive ( I assume so).

Ok, let me be optimistic now. Today, my colleague informed me that India won a gold medal. I am like "wow finally" and ofcourse its an amazing start. So, immediately logged onto one of the news channels online and read the news. Abhinav's pic is on the front page and he is behind the rifle. I found him smart, handsome and ofcourse could visualise a halo behind him which is enhancing his charm and charishma.

I rushed into the news room to watch the news and found the news reader reading the news of Mr Bindra. I instantly received goose bumps when I saw Indian flag being hoisted with the ever green national Anthem being played at the backdrop. I stood up as a mark of respect for the nation and could see the winning spree in Abhinav's face. I felt proud of being Indian and I am proud of being Indian..

Kudos to this young chap. Hope to see more medals in the coming event.

Let us all cheer for our mother land...

Win India Win