Thursday, July 24, 2008

where is water?

"Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink"

everyone knows this and I whole-heartedly appreciate Samuel Taylor Coleridge for making it so popular through his creation The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. Though he has written these words for the sake of rhythm, the phrase has become quite popular in the recent times in many ways. Now i am going to show you how...get hooked to your monitors.

since my childhood, i have been very lucky to be placed in such areas where water was not at all a problem. i have always wondered how people complain about water scarcity while all these years i have been getting water 24x7. just twist the tap and the flood is on. crazy people and lucky me!!!

now in this women's hostel, i was promised that there is water supply 24x7 and no issues with it. wow, i was excited to find a corner in this metro where i can get the water just by touching the tap. again -crazy people and lucky me!!! the scene begins..since two days, there has been scarcity in our hostel. no water!! but how? why? when can i get my bucket full of water? yesterday morning i got fresh and came down stairs to pack my lunch and discovered that the dhobi was yelling at everyone as there is no water. (how? i got it in my room...anyways am not bothered...) the evening i went to my room and could find half a bucket water and got fresh and again felt happy over my luck.

and then started my struggle. this morning, there was almost a chaos in my room and my roomy and some other girls were debating over the water scarcity. i generally get up at 8.30 am when my roomy was gone. but thanks to the phone call from this friend of mine which made me get up by 7.30 itself. i was like awwww...and decided to get ready and go to office early. and then geared up to get fresh and was stumped by the water in the washroom. there was no water and no power...somehow i could manage a bucket full of water and got fresh and came down to the canteen...just to find a fleet of girls yelling at the hostel people over no water and how would they go to office? well, thank god i could manage atleast a bucket full of water and also saved another bucket. i realised that just ten minutes ago the water supply completely stopped and there is no single drop for other girls!!!

how willl they go to office? how will they clean their dishes? what will they wear from tomorrow? oh my god, the thought shivered me badly and then i realised that i am no exception in this world. i was just lucky enough to be a bit fast in doing things.

so, the problem has started again and i bet the metro is going to see hard times the coming summer. thanks to no rains and severe heat. i need to get transfered to some other place and see that i am safe (no i cant be so selfish) :(

lets save water..thats all we can do as of now as we have already acted pricey!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

my quotes

if u r in my gtalk list...u would definitely appreciate me for my captions...yeah and i am proud of myself...coz..i write most of them on my own...
so am penning down some of them for my readers as well...enjoy buddies..

1) you may not feel my presence..but you will feel my absence for sure..
2) you may read me well..but fail to understand
3) am neither feminist nor lesbian..yet i hate "indian men"
4) i never plan to elope..coz i am too lazy to run
5) my life is mine and am not answerable to anyone
6) infatuation is like a fresh coke is quite tasty initially but will lose all the essence as it goes further
7) its not that we dont have time for anyone..its just that our priorities change from time to time
8) i dont see any smart, handsome and charismatic men infront of me....coz all of them are behind me
9) unlike other women i would never say that there are many men falling for me..rather i would say there are many men who support me
10) i dont wear jewels..coz i wear attitude which is more than anything
11) though rocks are there...waves continue their journey
though hills are there...rain continues to fall
though hurdles are there..lets continue our friendship

oh i am not getting others right now..but shall post once they get into my mind...
but last but not the least...this is my fav which got many votes...

12) Sensex and sex are two things in which men are undoubtedly interested

ok now post your quotes....