Friday, September 05, 2014

A letter to Shweta Basu

Dear Shweta Basu

I am not your fan. Neither do I watch all your movies. But,  I did admire your acting skills when you were a child. You overshadowed the leads in Makhdee and Iqbal. So, I totally followed your news and wondered what it would be like when you grow up. And just like my imagination, you grew up into a lead actress within no time. When I saw you in a Telugu movie, I wasn't surprised at all. Like many other heroines in Indian cinema, you did get a buffer from Telugu cinema. But, when your roles started diminishing, I thought you are nothing but a flash.

I never followed you again. But to my surprise, you continued to be in the news for various reasons. Let it be your secret video or your photography exhibition or your recent bust in prostitution. I am sorry that, at such tender age, you are going through many things. But I wonder what will happen to you next? May be, you will just become invisible or emerge as a very strong person. But see, our society is very judgemental. 

The sad part of our society is, they accept heroes who kill people. They accept heroes who can shoot people. They accept heroes who beat women on the sets, who beat people on the roads, who destroy the life of others, who carry dangerous weapons, who have loads of black money and are openly into blackmailing, who sleep with 100 different women, who practice adultery publicly and what not. Those men continue to steal the limelight as 'heroes' and get hailed.

But you are a woman. The mistake that you did is, to take money while giving sexual favors. As you claimed, there must be many other heroines who provide sexual favors to all kinds of men in the industry. But the difference between them and you is, they do it in exchange for roles and fame. You did it for money. Hence, you are judged as a prostitute and they sweep away the roles. 

I wonder what made you to accept publicly that you did make some wrong choices. Because, women at your age, would never dare to accept anything publicly and swiftly shift the blame on to others. My hats off to you. Now, I wonder what will happen to you next. I feel, you should emerge as a strong woman, as you do have streaks of being gutsy. If people can kill and still emerge as being human, then why not you? 

You just sold your flesh for money. You can do wonders. Go girl! There is a world outside where you can make money in tons of ways. Selling your flesh is the last resort for a talented person like you. 

Best of luck

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Ramesh said...

Good advice... I too felt pained at what media did to her... hope she emerges stronger.