Thursday, March 05, 2015

I am India's Daughter

So, I watched the most in'famous" 'India's Daughter' documentary. If you haven't watched it already here is the Link. Ok, I am calling it infamous because, it is banned. And we ban only infamous things in India. Right? The characters, except for Jyothi's parents, are infamous. The reconstruction of the whole episode is infamous. And the whole documentary itself, is infamous for our nation, which would allow infamous politicians to speak in Parliament and rule our country. I am wondering why are they never banned. 

Anyways, before my blood starts boiling thinking about those badass people, let me write down some thoughts. 

1) I am not surprised at all watching the documentary and everything is, as expected. The reaction of the rapists claiming he hasn't done anything wrong, defense lawyer saving his and his clients' ass, parents of the accused blaming everyone but their sons- everything is expected. I can't expect the rapists to recite commandments. He is insane and that's how he will talk. And he will never show remorse, because he doesn't know what it is. 

2) I hated and loved Mukesh- Hated because he doesn't deserve to be in this world or among humans. Oh wait, he is not a human. But I would not even send him to Amazon forest because he is equally capable of raping animals too. Oh no, he is not even an animal. What is he? Leave it. 
Loved him because he raised some valid points. Why are other rapists not punished equally? Why are those rapists who burnt other women, who threw acid on other women, who raped and killed other women are left to roam on streets? So, true. A question to ponder about and to be discussed in the Parliament. What should be done to those? 

3) The defense lawyers are a rock stars. There are actually 2 of them. 
One described a woman as a flower and man as a thorn. I wonder what kind of a thorn he is and how is he hurting his wife who is like a flower. I wonder if he has daughters or sisters. He is no less than Taliban who would refrain women from getting educated or going out. He should be kept in a museum. 

The other lawyer who openly told that there 250 MPs who have pending cases of rape, murder, corruption and other charges. He raised a valid point on why they are not being punished. Yes, why? If he knows, why doesn't he use his Foxy talent to put them behind bars? Also, I pity his daughter or daughter-in-law because he said he will burnt her alive if she chooses to have extra marital affair? Ehhh? Really? With a father like him, the girl will commit suicide even before reaching puberty. Anyways, he should be sent to Pluto. 

4) Family of the accused- The wife of one of the accused, threatened that she will die and also kill her son because without a man she doesn't have a protection. How true. Every woman surely needs protection from monsters like her husband and she knows it perfectly. 

5) The juvenile- I truly have a problem with him. When he can get aroused and rape a girl, insert something, pull the intestines out and wrap them in a cloth and throw them somewhere and clean the crime scene, how can he be a juvenile? Oh wait, he is not even 18? So, he is a benchmark for all those who can now happily commit all crimes and get punished before they turn 18. And after 18 they will roam on roads like wild boars and hunt for their prey. Watch out women, this Juvenile will be released by this year end. May you have a safe new year party, as he can be anywhere near you. 

6) The Indian government- Instead of banning the documentary, why can't the government telecast it and hang all the rapists? This could be a potential lesson to all those who would try to attempt any horrific/gruesome act on women. Banning the documentary would do no good, because the elite and educated class would watch it anyways! What a hypocritic act. And by the way, there is nothing in the film that shouldn't be seen. It is much better than many bollywood movies with skin shows. Trust me. 

So, these are my thoughts. Put yours and let the word spread. It's high time, stricter laws are implemented and the judicial system see a paradigm shift. After all, India is not such a bad place to live. I am India's daughter and I am saying this. 

Jai Hind. 


Anandi Premlall said...

Thank you for writing about this Swathi, I was curious about your take on it as a former resident of India and feminist. I think it's essential for us to see these films what what is brings to the surface. There are Bollywood films with more guts and nudity than India's Daughter. At least this has a potent message. We do need a NEW system in place. The current one is defunct. Where is the Gulabi Gang? Perhaps they should be paid and promoted to keep our sisters safe. In the meantime, our mothers and fathers need to raise their sons well, to learn to respect and value women as more than an orifice to stick something into, more than something to use and discard. We have such a glorious mythology of Gods and Goddesses; let's raise your sisters up. Let's remove the shame cast on girls and women. Let's make sure all girls are educated. And all boys are taught NOT to rape.

Lipsa Padhy said...

Those rapist are illetrate slum ppl no humanity, expected frm hw abt these lawers,hw cn he say women r flowers n man r thorn. Seriously we girls born as a girl is biggest mistake.shame of us.

JULURI said...

Whom are we trying to protect when the damage has been done and being done every hour. Why are we afraid that the documentary will have an nare gative impactwhen we have seen the very educated feel that women just don't have a place in society. Now I think we want to ban to save us from the shame....ohh what will the neighborhood think if they know this is exactly what I think when someone is raped. Do we really need to advocate for education as a solution if the mind set of educated is such. Now I can expect nothing better from any other men whether he is educated or a illiterate slum dwellers. The attitude of women who thinks the only reason she can survive is her husband angers me more than the accused showing no remorse.

pooja mahimkar said...

That documentary was just amazing. It is sad that it is being banned, such documentaries should actually be made compulsory for everyone to watch! It helps get a proper idea about things and also provokes people to ask questions and ponder over various mattes.

akshay said...

Please share your opinion at , rate and review the documentary to show your support against its ban in india.

Godava said...

Jai Ho! India far from Nirbhaya?

We ban the documentary because it's the work of a white woman and not the work of the hyperbolic Indian TV star journalists who dubbed Udwin's work as voyeuristic.
I wonder why the Indian government didn't ban the Oscar-winning 'Gandhi'. Remember the film was the work of a Brit man Richard Attenborough.
Also I wonder why Slumdog Millionaire wasn't banned for showing India's destitution. Remember, the Oscar-winning film was the work of another Brit man Danny Boyle. We dubbed his work as "poverty porn". What an infamy!!! The list is long.
Hey, haven't the land of 'Kamasutra' banned The Fifty Shades of Grey? Why? No sex please, we are Indians. The scenes are too erotic, sexually explicit? The Kamasutra was written in the 2nd or 3rd century by Vatsyayana. Should we not ban the book for being voyeuristic, sexually explicit?
India needs to be ''Nirbhay" (fearless) of free speech


Rads said...

The juvenile was really a problem for me too. How can any person - doesn't matter whether they are 18 or not - have such monstrosity in them. He should be in a mental asylum. By banning the document they only made it more popular. I don't think there was anyone who hasn't watched the movie that day.